Help save a business

Help save a business

Elderly Managing Director wants to retire and is giving me a chance to buy the business before he either dies or closes the business down.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello, I’m here because I’ve exhausted all other outlets Main stream banks including our own business bank private loan companies, and even family. 

I’ve been working at Kwik Stop for over 12 years and the current director  is trying to retire as he’s now 70 years old. He has offered me the business for a walk away price and I’m desperately doing what I can to raise the funds. 

The downside is that although we have just signed a new 10 year lease we do not own the building hence why it’s been an automatic no from the banks.  Unfortunately if I can’t raise the funds I see only 1 of 2 things that can happen. God forbid Dave dies and the business gets left in his will and it’s up to his family to decide what happens to it or he shuts up shop and enjoys his retirement. Either way that is bad news for me and the other staff member. 

Currently I live in a van in the works car park as I am cutting all my bills as much as I can, it’s very cold this time of year but I’ve managed 11 months so far and regularly shower at my mums and sisters as well as eat there as much as I can. 

I’ve saved £3000 so far and I’m heading for £5000 so that I can cover solicitor fees if I do come up with the £30,000  that he’s asking for. 

The business has been operating for over 30 years and it is a Tyre and Auto centre we also operate a 4x4 pickup which we use to go from farm to farm to repair punctures. 

I just can’t believe even though the business is healthy that no financial institution will take a risk and lend the money. 

By the way yes the minions in the main picture are what I made for the front of the garage :)

Please watch the attached video which gives a brief insight into the business. 

Many Many thanks for your donation. 

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