Help Sara to exhibition!

Help Sara to exhibition!

Sara has successfully been accepted to exhibit her work in Windsor and Chester later this year, but needs your help to make it happen!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and hopefully with your help I will be able to attend the exhibitions later this year. So...

I have been passionate about art and the practice of art all my life, but a number of difficulties, adversities and personal bereavements held me back from fulfilling my dream. I successfully gained a 1st Class Honours Degree at Lancaster University in History and Sociology, and became so passionate about the Social Sciences; the political climate, poverty, education etc that I turned my hand to two things...

Firstly I set up LIBR: A community project in the heart of North East England which acts as a bookshop, library and classroom

This enabled me to provide a safe and nurturing hub for people of all ages, to learn, take part, meet new people or simply relax in the bookshop.

I then renovated the rear room and began providing art classes which have proved a huge success for the community

When I have had time however I have been busy in my studio putting together a body of work inspired by all these experiences, my knowledge and curiosity of the social sciences and a goal to raise awareness of the difficulties globally through the universal medium of art.

Much of this work looks to represent or identify the current political climate and cross culturalism. My pieces are informed by African poverty, the Syrian war, homelessness and migration for example.

Some of these pieces including the one above, have already won international competitions and been published in magazines.

Recently I decided to apply to exhibit my work at the Chester Arts Fair and the Windsor Contemporary Arts Fair in November 2017 and last week I received the news that I had been successful.

One comment I received said that;

"We feel your strong work and powerful message will be very well received, and would therefore be delighted to welcome you to the Arts Fair"

This was obviously fabulous news, and everything Id dreamed of, but with it comes a cost unfortunately...

I have opted for the small spaces but it is still going to be a minimum of £2000 just to exhibit. This doesn't account for extras such as sockets and spotlights, travel, accommodation, packaging materials, marketing etc but like LIBR, I hope to manage that myself. I need your help however to make this happen and allow me to present my work to a larger audience, as well as help towards my journey towards being a professional artist.

In the meantime I will be working towards creating more work towards the exhibitions, such as this one I completed just yesterday:

I have so much more I would love to share with you all, but I dont want to bombard you too much for now..what I will say though is that I cannot thank you enough even for taking the time to read this. I sincerely hope that I can get to the exhibitions, and throughout this journey I will be updating everyone on the progress of my work, and with any updates on competitions and publications etc.

Thank you once again

Sara x