Help! Russ won't stop moaning!

Help! Russ won't stop moaning!

Help me raise money to replace a stolen bicycle so Russ shuts up about it being stolen and starts talking about his excellent friends!

We did it!

On 8th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £320 of £300 target with 17 supporters in 13 days

Dear friends 

As you know Russ recently bought a bike through the cycle to work scheme. You will also CERTAINLY know that this bike was stolen 2 days after he picked it up from the shop - he won't shut up about it! 

To be fair, the bike was stolen through no fault of his own (it was securely locked). Theft was reported to the police but there is next to no hope of it being recovered. Still he poor troubled man is still looking for it on gumtree every evening. Not to mention the fact that a deduction from his pay check for cycle to work scheme will remind him of it every month for the next two years...

Our excellent friend Adelaide suggested I start a secret crowdfunding campaign. This is where you come in! Of course the aim is not to buy him the same one, but if we could get him a decent second hand one - that will make his day! 

Thank you! 

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