Help Run a Live Broadcast from the North Pole

Help Run a Live Broadcast from the North Pole

Help me run live broadcaster from the polar ice whilst I walk to the north pole.

We did it!

On 3rd Feb 2016 we successfully raised £280 with 3 supporters in 28 days




Project aim

Former soldier, James Redden, is going to walk from the 88th to the 90th (the north pole). The journey will cover a distance of around 225km and take up three weeks.

The aim of the trip is to raise funds for the Diana Award, the Royal Signals Benevolent Fund and Walking with the Wounded charities. In addition I plan to run live sessions for students and other interested parties.

The primary focal group for the live sessions are students working with Diana Award. Set up by Princess Diana, the Award celebrates the achievements of young people through an award scheme. Awards include: Diana Anti-Bullying Champion Diana Active Campaigner Diana Champion Fundraiser Diana Courageous Citizen


The Journey


The Route will start off at the 88th degree on the polar ice and finish at the 90th degree, the north pole.

The trip will take place in April 2016 and covers a distance of approximately 225km.

All equipment and food will be hauled in a pulk weighing around 70kg.


The Reasons


The polar ice is melting fast. Scientists predict by 2050 much of the ice at the north pole will have melted. The effects of global warming will have a catastrophic effect on both marine life and humanity. We will be walking to the Geographic north pole to raise money for three charities, one of the key beneficiary being Diana Award.

Focussing on children from deprived areas, the charity highlights the achievements of young people through an award scheme. The Awards available include:

  • Diana Anti-Bullying Champion
  • Diana Active Campaigner
  • Diana Champion Fundraiser Diana
  • Courageous Citize

Aside from simply raising money for our preferred charities, we will also be running a live videocast each day. The intention is to show our audience the impact of global warming on both the environment and wildlife.



The Equipment


Typically, polar communications are only achieved using the Iridium satellite and telephone system, which I will use to create live, daily broadcasts. In addition, images and and blog posts will be uploaded to my website ( ) and Twitter updates sent. The intention is to provide followers with both progress reports, footage of the polar ice and engage with students via a series of learning plans.


About Me

I am a former soldier who is determined to do his bit for the chosen charities. I have a background in working in arduous environments and we're all used to the extremes of climate. Personally, I've travelled on skis through the Arctic Circle a total of six times and I see this trip to the north pole as an extension of my previous journeys.

For now that's all I want to say about me as I'm more focussed on raising sponsorship, but if you want more information just ask.




£50 Donation

Donate £50 and you'll receive my eternal gratitude and the thanks for all the children who will benefit.

Oh, I'll also grab you a photo of at least one polar bear on the ice, print it off and post it to you.

This is what it's all about - the next generation.

£150 Donation

Donate £150 and I'll decorate my pristine pulk with your company name!

How many people get their monicker scribed into a polar-bound pulk?

£200 Donation

Donate £200 And I'll send you an invitation to a post-event talk to be held late 2016 in London.

Want to come to a post event presentation?

£1,000 Donation

Donate £1,000 and send me your corporate logo which will be attached to our equipment or clothing.

You'll also get a mention in the live sessions I'll be running during our trip to the north pole.


Just like Superman, your company logo will be featured front and centre.

£5,000 Donation

Donate £5,000 and you or one of your team will be flown up to Longyearbyen, Norway for a

two day ski trip around the area. Food and accommodation will be included, but isn't for

the faint hearted.

Two days of fun in the extreme cold await some of our plucky sponsors.

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