Help Reunite Hank and His Dog After Serving Us

Help Reunite Hank and His Dog After Serving Us

We are trying to re-unite a man and his furry best friend after 2 years of being apart from 4 years of serving in the military together.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Who are we?

I am James, the head of the new organization based out of Boulder, Colorado named "The Coloridians Collaborate: A Non-Profit". We are an organization who strives to simply help any locals who are in need of not only financial, but emocional support as well. We have already recently helped support a family of 5 that was homeless into a 4 bedroom apartment with a 2 week's supply of food, along with guidance to help the parents of the children get back on track by searching for jobs. We have helped a few other causes, but are still a fairly new organization.

What is this about?

As the title states, our goal is to help re-unite Hank, who has been serving in the military for 6 years, with his dog who served with him for 4 years of that time. Bailey (Hank's dog), was put into a kennel in Minnesota for long term stay 2 years ago since none of his family members felt the responsibility to take care of her themselves, and she is still staying there to this day. Our goal is to bring Hank up to Minnesota from Boulder, Colorado after his arrival from the armed services to have a powerful reunification between him and his furry best friend.

What will the money be used for?

- To pay for the remaining costs of the kennel/doggy (long-term) day-care (up until the date of the reunification), since Hank's family is no longer willing to make the weekly payments.

- To pay for Hank and 2 people from our organization (myself and the manager, Barbara Weedle) to fly out to Minnesota (standard, economy class).

- To pay for food and two hotel rooms for one night (one for Barbara and I, and one for Hank. We figured he would enjoy his own space)

- To pay for all flights back to Boulder, including Bailey.

Why are we using crowdfunding?

The majority of our non-profit members are going to personally contribute a bit of money to this project, but the donations given to us from previous times have already been spent on previous projects, and especially our biggest one yet when we helped the inpoverned family back into a home. We are in need of more finances in order to be able to completely fulfill this project.

In Closing...

I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to read this project. Even if you are not a donor, you still took a bit of time to indulge in this compelling story and our cause. We appreciate you!