Stolen guitar!

by Jodi in Málaga

Stolen guitar!
We did it
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To raise enough funds to buy a guitar similar to the one I had stolen

by Jodi in Málaga

On the 1 April I caught a bus from Torremolinos to Algeciras in Spain with a backpack and my guitar. The bus driver directed me to store my luggage in the underbelly of the bus. When I arrived in Algeciras all my possessions had been stolen and I was left with just the clothes I was wearing and my small handbag.

The travel insurance company nor the bus company ALSA have any interest in helping me, using loopholes built into ther policies. So I am appealing to the public to help me!

The guitar was the only object in my life that I held dear, and it has broken my heart to have it stolen. It belonged to my lovely dad who died in 2010. I have played it pretty much every day since I was 15 when I 'borrowed' it from him! It has been a welcome guest at hundreds of house parties, campfires and open-mic nights. Loads of people have played and loved that guitar. Although it wasn't particularly expensive, its age gave it a wonderful tone. It was part of my family!

It is actually priceless and irreplaceable. But my fingers are getting soft and I need a new one and I love the idea of having a guitar that generosity and kindness has bought, to rebalance the negative energy of having it stolen in the first here goes! I have found second-hand dreadnought style guitars with a similar age on ebay for around £400, then shipping, a bag, new strings, capo will set me up so I can play again! 

Thank you! 

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