Help Relly Make Zombies

Project by rellywilson
Help Relly Make Zombies

Aiming to raise money to pay for an intense course in Zombie makeup to help me progress in my learning and future career as a make up artist

We did it!

On 3rd Feb 2016 we successfully raised £205 with 15 supporters in 21 days

As some of you know I am currently studying for my degree in Specialist Hair and Media Make up so that I can eventually work as a makeup artist in the film industry. Although my course is very broad and touches on many areas within make up and hair, I am looking to thoroughly extend my knowledge in my favorite area- Prosthetics and SFX!

I have always had a huge interest in horror movies and the insane and gruesome effects and characters that are used in them. My dream is to eventually work as a SFX artist creating creepy characters and following in the footsteps of legends like Tom Savini and Rick Baker.( Hey, we all have dreams!)  Although my current course if helpful for experimenting with different styles of make up, I feel that to help my broaden my knowledge of prosthetics and SFX I also need to study intense courses and that's why I'm here!

I have recently found a 6 day intense course that is specializing in creating zombies and blood rigs!(  Not only would this course be super fun but it would teach me amazing new techniques and would give me the ability to work with new materials that are not available to me at university. Only issue is intense courses arn't cheap and its in Ireland.

So I am here looking for people to help me out and give me this insane opportunity to go and make some zombies!

Please, please , please help a girl out and make my nightmares come true!

( To view some more of my make up work so far, please check out my facebook page)



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