Help re-elect a Green councillor for Leith Walk

Susan Rae is standing for the Scottish Greens in the Edinburgh Council byelection in Leith Walk. We need your help to run a strong campaign.

We did it!

On 16th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £1,000 of £1,000 target with 32 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

We're delighted that we reached our initial goal of £1,000, which has enabled us to fight a solid campaign here in Leith Walk. Can you help us raise a bit more as polling day approaches? Every pound you can pledge will help us run the strongest campaign we can.

Thank you.

Project aim

Susan Rae is standing for the Scottish Greens in the Edinburgh Council byelection in Leith Walk. We need your help to run a strong campaign.

About the project

The Leith Walk by-election in Edinburgh on 10 September is a unique opportunity for the Greens to be on the winning side in a council by-election. It’s a ward in which we have had a councillor since 2007.  And since two councillors are standing down together – Maggie Chapman of the Greens, and the SNP’s Deirdre Brock – it’ll be the first time ever that two seats are up for grabs.So it is a by-election where we can and should re-elect a Green councillor. Susan Rae is the Green candidate.  But we can only elect Susan with your help. With your time, your energy and your skills – in making sure our message gets to voters, via door-knocking, leaflets and social media. And with your financial support.  The campaign will cost us at least £2,000.  That is why we are asking you to donate what you can towards our initial target of £1,000 by 10 September.£20 buys 500 eve of poll cards£50 buys 50 eye-catching window posters£100 buys 4,000 election leafletsOur Green candidate Susan Rae is a local resident with a track record of working hard for the area and getting things done.  She's a proven campaigner and with your backing can do so much more as one of the local councillors.Edinburgh needs Green councillors to stand up to the Labour-SNP run council's plans to cut local services over the next 2 years. Green councillors alone have proposed alternative ways of investing in services rather than the massive cutbacks threatened by the council. Edinburgh needs a principled, progressive and constructive opposition in the shape of Green councillors.The Tories and Lib Dems are out of the running in Leith Walk. A vote for them is wasted. The SNP is riding high in the polls and will be confident that it'll replace its current councillor.  They don't need any more support to get one of the two seats available.  That leaves the second seat as a straight choice between re-electing a Green councillor who will stand up for Leith Walk and electing a third Labour councillor who will simply prop up Labour as the dominant party in the council.So every Green vote counts in this election.  Around 1 in 4 people putting a 1 next to Susan Rae's name sees her elected as Green councillor for Leith Walk.  And with your backing we can make that happen.

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