Help publish my next Sci-Fi Book!

by Thomas McCaughley in London, England, United Kingdom

Help publish my next Sci-Fi Book!


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Help me crowd fund my next cyberpunk book!

by Thomas McCaughley in London, England, United Kingdom

Hi there! My name is Tom McCaughley. I have always had a crazy, overactive imagination, and long dreamed about putting it to good use by becoming a science fiction author.

3 years ago, my dream came true (sort of) when I self published my first book on Amazon! 

Silicon Burning (Singularity Rising Volume 1)

The book itself has had lots of great reviews from fans of the Cyberpunk genre, something that I am very proud of; but the process of self publishing has been a nightmare.

The original version of the book was plagued with editing errors, as I could only afford a cheap proof reading company at the time. This issue has since been resolved, but online marketing has always been a struggle for me.

Building followers on Twitter as an independent author seems are murky waters to traverse, and getting reviews (that you didn't pay for) can be really tough without them.

It's sad to say, but despite good critical feedback, I haven't come close to breaking even. People do like the book, but getting it out there is just tough.

Nevertheless I pressed on, doing what I could to promote the first book, all while working on the sequel.

However, I recently received an offer from a publishing company LR Price Publications.

LR Price loved the book, but because its a bit of a financial risk for them to re-publish a book, they offered me a publishing deal to split the cost of Silicon Burning, and re-publish the Volume 2 of Singularity Rising once it is ready in late 2021.

They have offered to publish the sequel on it's own for free, but I would much rather have both book together under a traditional publishing contract.  However, with all the struggles of this year £2,800 is simply not something I can afford out of pocket at the moment.

For ages, my pride wouldn't let me try and crowd fund. But 2020 has been tough for everyone, so so much for that.

If you could spare just a couple of pounds to this goal, I would be eternally grateful. And if you have already read my work, and are eagerly awaiting the sequel, this WILL HELP BIG TIME.

Thanking you in advance! 

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