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by L.R. Price Publications in London, England, United Kingdom

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WHAT IS HOPE? My Life Began at Forty - A Book of Hope by former prisoner Michael Irwin. You can contribute to get this book published.

by L.R. Price Publications in London, England, United Kingdom







Michael Irwin is an author, former prisoner.

Whilst in prison Michael kept a journal detailing his daily life. This journal  has now been turned into a book which will be published in early 2017.

Michael will be Fifty years old on the 04/04/2017, and given that it has been ten years since he first put pen to paper demonstrates his ability to show others that one should never give up. Michael has not yet finished with his goals and dreams. Michael intends to use the funds from this book to pursue further publications, become a teacher for Prison Smart Europe via The International Association ForHuman Values and obtain a PhD.

The journal provides a fascinating glimpse into the every day world of prisons, something that the most of us would never experience in our lives.  Michael wasn't wrongly imprisoned, so this isn't one of them books. But what this book, is a story about how a person, left with absolutely nothing,  can turn their life around and make an absolute success of themselves.

So whether you believe in rehabilitation and want to contribute to someone turning their life around; or whether you want to have a safe insight into the daily workings of a prison; or whether you wish to contribute to the editors of L.R. Price Publications who regularly undertake literature outreach programs, including to prisons and disadvantaged communities, then please make a contribution of anything you can. 

Whilst in prison Michael studied criminology and psychological studies and earned aBA (Hons) and upon release completed a MSc with Queens University Belfast. Michael has attended several international criminology conferences in the UK, has delivered papers and several guest lectures at universities, facilitated a joint International gathering of Convict Criminology, British Convict Criminology alongside service providers and former prisoners in Belfast and is often invited to comment on suicide and mental health issues by the BBC on Radio and National Television.



Hi Guys.

I'm Michael's publisher. Alot of people are asking about the book and when it is going to be released, how they can buy it and where and we are also getting loads of interest about the crowdfunder page.

First of all let me say that myself and everyone at L.R. Price Publications are massively proud of Michael Irwin and all that he has achieved, his story is inspirational which is why we are publishing it.

My editors are working extremely hard to get the book ready for sale as soon as possible. We hope for it to be available for pre orders at book shops in the next 40 days and released a month after that.

Thank you to everyone who has pledged so far on crowdfunder.

But why have we used crowdfunder?

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise awareness and publicity of a product before it is launched and to get it launched quickly. And this book needs to be published as soon as possible.

If we raised the funding to publish the book the traditional way with bankers and boardrooms, like we have done in the past. We'd spend more time writing and editing finance agreements then we would on the book.

And this is not just another book. It needs to be published now.

Not only that but we wanted this book to be something special. Which is why if you contribute using the crowd funder page, you can even have your name listed as a contributor to the book.

So when your have your copy in your hands, when you have it on your book shelf and when you see it in your local library or book shop your name will be in the printed acknowledgements / credits in the book. We think that is something really special.

Of course if you just want to contribute to crowd funder page to get the book for cheaper or to save postage costs or to save having to buy the eBook seperateley, thats great! You're still contributing to this great book.


Really this book is as much a part of its readers as it is of Michael.

So thank you everyone for all of your support and we hope you enjoy reading.




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