Help promote "Quotes Quest - Match 3" Android game

by Mr Duda in London, England, United Kingdom

Help promote "Quotes Quest - Match 3" Android game
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

A stay-at-home dad of 2 is asking for your help to promote his first Android game that he has developed in his spare time

by Mr Duda in London, England, United Kingdom

Hi. I'm a stay-at-home dad that is also trying to be a self-employed part-time software developer. My aim is to produce fun and engaging Android mobile games for everyone to play for free, and earn some so much needed money by publishing them. It is getting more and more difficult to provide for the family, and due to our complex family reasons I currently must and I also want to stay at home for my young kids, to see and help them grow up, to support my loving lovely wife, to lead a proper family life, and not to spend 10 or more hours each day by working miles and miles away and by commuting to work.

I did not receive a single £ from anywhere or anyone for developing the "Quotes Quest - Match 3" game or during the development of it and I have been advised to try crowdfunding in order to promote it and help it reach more people, so here I am asking for your help to help me raise money so much needed for promoting my very first Android game that I have recently published in Google Play Store, called "Quotes Quest - Match 3". My previous project (on another platform and another portal) was unsuccessful purely due to my inability to find enough support for promoting it because money are so much more needed in my family's household, hence I'm creating this funding project so that all of the precious time that I spent by developing this game wouldn't go to waste, and that I could again start providing for the family too and stay with the family right now when it needs me so.

The free "Quotes Quest - Match 3" Android game itself is available in Google Play Store (click the link - the name - to access it if you want to check it out).

I have nothing else to say here but a big THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU, and especially to those of you who will decide to help me and my family out by supporting this project.

Thank you. 

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