Help Poems from a Runaway go international!

Help Poems from a Runaway go international!

I'm aiming to raise up to £600 to help with costs involved in the illustration and media of my book and films Poems From a Runaway and more.

We did it!

On 9th Sep 2017 we successfully raised £345 with 20 supporters in 35 days

Hi, please allow me to approach you whilst looking slightly distressed. I'll be putting on a fake accent and giving you a blag story of how I'm stuck outside this train station we're at and I've lost my non-existant cousin. Could you help me get my ticket home please? 
Nah, only joking...but once upon a time I would have. 
Welcome to my crowdfunding page, thanks for stopping by.

In a nutshell, I'm trying to raise £600 to help with costs involved in for a tour across the country, including London, for not only the imagery to my book, but also for a Vlog as part of my new poetry book project 'Poems from a Runaway'. (Non-fiction poetry about my own journey running away from childrens homes and foster care to London where I lived on the streets mostly.)

You can view the first fourteen I have released online at

15% of the total raised money and anything else above the target gets donated to The Connection at St Martins, a homeless service in central London that had a direct impact on myself growing up and continue to help many homeless people every day in all sorts of ways.

When I first started this fundraiser, I had also been in touch with a TV news station in america who are trying to help me find a family on one of my poems, but to help get the story out I hitched to London and took them with my phone.

(Hence the name of the fundraiser, I can't seem to change the name.)

But I'd still love to get a camera, and do some Vlogs as part of the promotion WHILST i'm writing the book because I know spending a few days in London filming will help refresh my memoroes and inspire a better final book.

I'll be doing interviews with various characters who were part of the story twenty years ago, and covering old locations as well as photographing images for the book

I'd love to be able to raise the funds to get a camera and do the tour, and turn what was original just wanting to go on a tour and get the images into something great.

A massive thank you to those that have donated or thinking of doing, everything counts towards the equiptment, the travel and the accomodation in London whilst filming for a few days and know I can spend much needed time charging up batteries and stuff without too much time wasted travelling.

At time of writing i'm on £95 so far, and thanks to everyone who's even helped me get this far. It doesn't look like i'm going to hit target at this stage but I'm sure no matter how much I raise in the end, somehow something will come of it and it's nice to now have other people involved in the production of my book :)

So thanks!

Check out the rewards and get involved :) 

Check out my page on Facebook at

 Take care, 

Big Love.

Ben Westwood


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