Help pay vet bills for Rosie and Trish

Help pay vet bills for Rosie and Trish

Hi, I am raising money for the treatment of my two ratty babies who have both sadly been struck down with cancerous tumours.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi there,

Please help in assisting with the veterinary costs for two lovely rats called Rosie and Trish.

I rescued Rosie and Trish about two months ago off a woman who could sadly no longer take care of them. However, what she failed to mention was a small tumour growing on Trish. And sadly Rosie has now developed two tumours as well. Having visited the vets I have been informed of two possible options - to take the ratties in for surgery in order to remove the tumours or - to leave the ratties and let them live the most comfortable life possible until the time comes to put them to sleep.

I would love to be able to give my ratties the chance to live as long as possible, but unfortunately paying for surgery alone would be a huge financial strain for me having recently graduated from university and not having a graduate job yet.

Any help, as little or as large as you can give would be greatly appreciated and Rosie and Trish would be so happy for any help you can give!