To Be With My Soul Mate & Pay For His Treatment

To Be With My Soul Mate & Pay For His Treatment

Longing To Be At My Soul Mate`s Bed Side In Stavropol Russia & To Pay For His Treatment & Buy Food Etc.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In 2015 My Partner Paul Went On A Business Trip To Stavropol Russia.

In December 2015 My Partner Was On His Way To Buy Food/Essentials Etc,

When He Got Attacked & Had All His Personal Items Bank/Credit Cards Stolen.

My Partner Paul Is Now In Hospital (Stavropol Russia) Suffering From The Attack & A Severe Stomach Ulcer.

Because Of The Attack & His Bank/Credit Cards Stolen He Cannot Afford To Pay For Treatment Or Buy Food.

I Am Trying My Very Best To Raise All The Money, But I Am Finding It So Hard.

I Lost My Job In November 2016 & I Cannot Apply For Loans/Finance Etc Because I Am In Debt.

I Have Sold All My Personal Belongings/Stereo/CD`s/DVD`s Etc.

I Have Asked My Family & Friends For Help But Nobody Will Help Me/Us.

I Do Not Know What Else To Do Or Who I Can Turn Too.

I Feel So Down & Depressed I Just Want To Kill Myself.

All I Want Is To Do Is Raise As Much Money As I Can.

So I Can Pay For His Treatment/Food Etc,

And Fly To Stavropol Russia To Be With My Soul Mate.

I Am Madly In Love With Him & I Miss Him So Much, I Cannot Cope Without Him Any Longer It`s Driving Me Crazy.