Help pay for Jonesy the cat’s vet costs

by Steve Wilkins in St. Leonards On Sea, England, United Kingdom

Help pay for Jonesy the cat’s vet costs


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To cover the costs of Jonesy’s medical bills

by Steve Wilkins in St. Leonards On Sea, England, United Kingdom

Before I tell this story, you should know that initially, when this Crowdfunder was suggested by friends, I did not want to do it. When you read the account below, you will see that what I did was my choice and that I accept that  Jonesy is absolutely my responsibility. But so many people said to stop being so proud. If people want to help, they will. So I was persuaded and here I am. 

So what’s it all about? 

On the morning of May 21st 2019, my cat Jonesy was hit by a car, that did not stop. Luckily a neighbour heard the accident and was able to help Jonesy straight away and alert me. We rushed him to the vets and it was discovered he had two broken bones in his rear left leg and a dislocated pelvis. The vet advised that the best option for my poor boy was amputation. The only problem was money. 

A year ago, I lost a job that I loved. Working with the public to help promote a local tourist attraction. Since then, I have struggled to find work and only managed to secure part time work in a local theatre venue in January of this year. It doesn’t pay much and I’m barely getting by on it and Universal Credit. So when I given a figure of how much it would cost me to put Jonesy right, I knew I didn’t have anywhere near the funds needed and the only other option would have been to put him to sleep. Now Jonesy is only two years old and is a fun loving, incredibly friendly cat. I would have hated to have had to have chosen that option. But what other choice was there?

Then I remembered that I had been offered money from my parents to pay for a small car. It would just cover the costs but it would mean that the car I so badly needed would have to go. For me, there was no choice. I used that money to get Jonesy’s leg amputated and save his life. 

He is back home now and slowly recovering. He needs lots of love and attention but I know that, in time he will adapt and lead a long and healthy life. Just with one less leg. 

As I said right at the beginning, I’m still not a hundred percent convinced this is either the right thing to do or even if it will work. But I won’t hurt to try and so many people genuinely seemed to want to help. 

So if you would like to help me recoup some of my money used to help the friendliest cat on the planet, please give what you can afford. Every penny counts, as they say. 

Thank you x

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