Help Paradox Build The Future

by Paradox Design + Coffee in London, England, United Kingdom

Help Paradox Build The Future


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We’re Kat+Zain of Paradox.We need your support to gain match funding from the Mayor, as it was launched after our crowdfund ended in 2020

by Paradox Design + Coffee in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

  • We could start to think about upgrading our equipment- a distant dream at the moment. We’ve started to work on furniture and a wider range of other products, a new lasercutter or cnc machine would take our work to the next level.
  •  It would give us greater stability to face the growing uncertainty surrounding business at present. 
  • We could purchase materials to make ready-made items to sell online, rather than just working on bespoke commissions.
  • We’ve had an espresso machine on loan for the past year- but need to buy our own one very soon. The stretch funding would help us find a second hand machine - as we’re now too busy to go back to the linea minis !
  • We could invest in ourselves, furthering our skills in the fields we already work in by enrolling on courses specific to areas we wish to move into. Ceramics, Wood-working, printing. All the things that will strengthen the longevity of Paradox. 

Hello friends, 

Here we are again, we’ve been offered the chance to obtain match funding on our crowdfund ( but only on newly raised money) match funding was launched after our previous campaign finished last year so we unfortunately missed out on some much needed support from the Mayor of London.

- Below is all the more relevant info from my most recent update which you can find above under ???? Updates... 

Okay, so we’re crowdfunding. Last time we were pretty desperate. We had no idea what the future had in store, no income and no government support and your every donation made our hearts explode. Although we unfortunately didn’t reach our target you really helped us hit the ground running. Made it possible for us to make the necessary adaptations to the space, pay some rent! Gave us hope. 

This time, we aren’t asking for donations. What we would love is for you to pre-pay for coffees, retail bags, design services etc (there are plenty of new rewards coming this month)

Real things that you can hold in your hands. 

What we need is to raise enough money to obtain the mayor’s match funding- just over £2000 in total - which will essentially mean your money is doubled. It will help us to breathe. And potentially close at the times it feels less pos

We have big dreams for Paradox.
But the next few months are still very uncertain. For all the great things- Being open during a global pandemic is also gut wrenching at times, weekends specifically when we still notice people visiting from out of London among other things. As cafe owners, there’s only so much we can control. Staying open is currently our only option- and no matter how safely we are operating unfortunately we cannot control the behaviour of others.

Shutting on the weekends may well be on the cards for us if security (which we are pushing for) is not brought back by Netil Market as soon as possible.
We’re not here for people who don’t care about other people. But business wise, that would leave quite a considerable dent for us. So here we are once again. Needing to raise our own support where the wider government has fallen short so that we can be more confident of survival. So that’s our priority.

To support the unknown future.

As ever, thank you for just being your wonderful selves. We’re always available via email, d/m’s on Instagram or indeed at the cafe if you have any questions or just need a chat.
We’re here, and you best believe one of the rewards is going to be a set of “Dogs of the Paradox” postcards...

♥ Love from the paradox

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