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We aim to raise money for our children and young people to attend an Amateur Dramatic Performance held by another Youth Performance Group.

by Performing Arts Club of St Johns in Gainsborough, England, United Kingdom

All about us

PACS is an all inclusive community performing arts group. We pride ourselves on allowing children and young people with varying degrees of experience through our doors. No matter their background, circumstance or ability they will always be welcome.
We have a variety of needs within our group. From learning difficulties, health issues and living within a low income area, we meet a lot of people and allow them the opportunity to find themselves.

Through rehearsal processes, shows and dedicated teams, we aim to build up confidence, develop friendship circles and learn new skills.
The cost weekly is a small £3 to attend our group but, we have to apply for funding to help with certain costings to allow the continued running costs, costumes or essential show equipment.

Our Team

The volunteers within PACS have a variety of skills and once again come from a varying degree of backgrounds and abilities. From the top with the CEO of PACS all the way through to our stage hands or backstage helpers, each person is unique and possess a quality within that helps them be the best within the group. They are always at hand with their friendly manner to help the children and other volunteers. 

And where would we be without our amazing children and young people who continue to amaze us with their progress and the skill to adapt for each performance. PACS is a learning curve for all involved and as leaders we want the best for everyone who is part of our journey. This includes giving them opportunities that they may usually miss out on.

What we would like to do with your help

PACS young people and volunteers have been given the opportunity to see another youth group who have won awards for their previous shows. The show will be held at The Majestic Theatre within Retford which is a place none of our members have had the opportunity to attend in previous years. They have been given the chance to have a backstage tour and speak to the performers which we believe will give a unique view to performing as a young person in prep for our future show.
Before looking into the process, we spoke to the children to see if it would be of interest. Safe to say, they loved the idea of supporting another group and also seeing a performance within a proper theatre that ours don't get to do.
Ticket prices and travel fare soon become an expense that most groups will struggle to afford. The tickets are £12 each, with thirty to attend. Coach is in the region of £200 so the expense is great.
Though we charge to attend weekly, our charge covers our overhead costings and very rarely gives us the chance to pay for days out. Due to the  area that we operate, money can become an issue for a lot of the members and volunteers that we have on our books. So, we look to external funding to help with payment towards experiences for our group.

This is where we need you!

With your help by donating a small amount, you can help us to fund this amazing opportunity for our amazing members and volunteers. We are looking to achieve full or partial funding towards the cost of coach hire and the ticket prices so that we can attend this show. By achieving this, parents or guardians wont need to pay a substantial amount towards this trip, therefore not having to worry about finding the money for themselves whilst dealing with daily living. We would love to pay for all the costs but, with lack of funding ourselves, we would struggle to front monies for all involved, which saddens us but, we know that our community would be willing to help. 

Let's make 'Help PACS go to the theatre!' happen

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