Help Our Gots Whaats Business Grow!

by gots whaat in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Help Our Gots Whaats Business Grow!


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Our project aim: High tech equipment for quality YouTube videos, future vlogs and music progression.

by gots whaat in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Hi All!

Welcome and thanks for stopping by our funding page.

We are Gots Whaats!
A funny and addictive YouTube channel.

We have been doing Gots Whaats for over a year and have managed to build a large following of over 90k subscribers!  
It has been an amazing journey so far!

However, for our continued  progression and expanding audience we need the right equipment to improve and progress the quality of our video's. The equipment we desperately need is a powerful Mac computer which is essential for us, as it will be the main hub for everything we create visually, as well as musically, especially in order for our business to run efficiently, this will allow us to continue and venture out into new bigger / epic future projects.

Our current computer has almost run it's course and has started to freeze which causes delays and unexpected errors via our scheduled projects we need for publishing which means we have to re-record and re-edit videos continuously. This has become very frustrating which prevents us from completing our video's and music creation sessions. The computer is now at high risk because it may corrupt some of our future work.

We need updated hardware as well as software to help us keep up with times, which will enable us to create new ideas and show what we have planned with our creative minds to the world.
We need:
several other pieces of equipment which includes a ring light, so that we can record at any time of the day and can shoot high end quality videos.

A new camera, video recorder and microphones. We also want to venture out and make vlogs as many of our subscribers have been requesting us to do so.  

Our Channel gives hope, positivity and humour. We are all very hardworking and really believe all our dreams will come true. We want to inspire people not only in our country but also worldwide.

Eventually we would like to be in a position one day where we can also re-visit a 'gofundme' project and give back and help other people who might be in a similar position as  we are in right now, as well as helping various other charities. It's always been something we've wanted to do and will show our progression with this via our future vllogs.

We have also started another youtube channel which is solely based on our own original music productions. We would of been able to feature more music and creative work but due to our problems previously addressed we haven't had the chance to publish many other works, due to software like Logic Pro X not even being able to open properly as our computers processor power is getting slower each day.
Our message is to believe, achieve and succeed. We would be so grateful for the help in making this happen. We have created a music track based on this motto.

Items needed:

Mac Computer (Video Editing/Music Production)
Laptop (for mobile/on the go editing)
Microphones/Mic Stands (Recording audio)
Software (professional video/music editing)
Vlogging camera/Main Camera (Record vlogs and video's)
Lens - Extra image stabilization
KRK Speakers - (Mix and Mastering)
Tripod or Gimbal Stabilizer - (Help make smooth cinematography)
Studio Lighting (Ring Light/Umbrella light/Soft Box)
White Background - (Seamless Background Paper)
Background Support System (White background, RGB lighting)
Marketing/Promotion Ads (Promote YouTubechannel via social media platforms)

Website (Got's Whaat's & ny3lla)

Let's make 'Help Our Gots Whaats Business Grow!' happen