Help our Airline Victims

by Anthony Magee in London, England, United Kingdom

Help our Airline Victims
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From airport cleaners, ground staff, cabin crew, bag handlers to pilots they're in crisis. Let's support them survive and retrain.

by Anthony Magee in London, England, United Kingdom

I have like many of us taken our airline industry for flights will be a thing of the past and hundreds of thousands of jobs are at risk...

NOT just pilots and cabin crew but the lowest earners and hidden hero's the cleaners and caterers.

With a little bit of support we can help them survive, evolve and retrain to support our NHS, social care and farming crisis.

It's easy to think this industry will bounce back, it won't and will be the slowest to recover and will impact our way of life most markedly.

Join me in supporting initiatives and charities to support them directly with training, food and direct support to get them into jobs in need from NHS, social care and farming.

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