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by Humza Zahoor in London, England, United Kingdom

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Help Grow Social Awaken! We'd like to help more businesses in the hospitality industry grow and build a team full of creative Millenials.

by Humza Zahoor in London, England, United Kingdom

I have dreamed of having a successful business since the age of 11. I have always been business minded and knew I would want to become an entrepreneur, however I didn't come from a rich background, and so I always knew I had to build something from scratch with very little or no capital. I have already achieved my dreams by helping many businesses grow and build a business that has a cause, however I really want to take things to the next level. 

About Social Awaken

We are a fresh and exciting social media agency that specialises in the hospitality industry. Our team is full of bright and innovative storytellers and content creators that are passionate about helping your brand achieve new heights. We leverage the use of social media to enhance your business no matter how big or small. Our focus is to raise your online presence and promote the success of your brand by raising its awareness.

Why should you help us? 

We are not just another agency. Our ethos is that we really want to make a difference to businesses and help them grow as we grow. Furthermore, we want to build a brand that is full of creative millennials. At the moment, it can be very hard for university graduates to find jobs in the crowded market, and so we want to give young people a home to make a difference at. We also want to help younger people i.e. college students to gain experience by working with us with internships for them to prosper and grow as individuals. Finally, we want to help charities that lack brand awareness and offer them free services such as promotional videos.

What will the money be used for?

The money will be used to allow us to have cashflow, so that we can sustain the business as well as market ourselves to compete with agencies that have millions in marketing budgets.

About me 

Humza Zahoor - Founder 

I have successfully helped a number of brands reach their goals. I have also become the voice of the industry through the launch of my podcast ‘Recipe to Success’ where I sits down with key individuals in the hospitality industry to discuss their journey and success story, which is a great way for the youth to realise their dreams are possible. Furthermore, I am the founder of the well-known Instagram page @londonsbestexperiences which features different recommended restaurants, hotels, lounges and bars across London to help connect brands with consumers. 

I have always loved experiencing new places, not to mention I am a big foodie. So anytime I used to go out to a new place, I would post it on my social media platforms. I found that a lot of my friends would ask me, where I was and had never even heard of the place that I was such a big fan of. So I had a realisation that a lot of brands within the hospitality industry offer an amazing experience, yet lack a powerful online presence awareness. I also knew that I had always had an interest in giving value to people, and had expertise in marketing both online and offline. So I set out to start my mission, over time I was able to work with numerous brands and continue to do so. At Social Awaken, we don't believe in second best, so we always aim to deliver a service like no other.

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