Help Oska Get The Help He Needs To Thrive!

by Luisa Gibson in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Help Oska Get The Help He Needs To Thrive!


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To raise money for Oska to have a private Autism assessment so he can access support when he starts school.

by Luisa Gibson in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Oska is a bright bouncy 4-year-old. He's the middle child of 3 and lives with his mum, dad, and 2 sisters in Hertfordshire. Oska in many ways seems like a "normal" child. He likes dinosaurs, drums, and running. But as he has gotten older it's become apparent that he needs additional support. This is in part due to him having the genetic condition Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (which causes chronic pain and frequent joint dislocations, and fatigue, amongst other symptoms) but also due to his displaying of Autistic and ADHD traits. 

The local community paediatrician has agreed with his parents concerns, but there is a 2 year wait for a diagnosis on the NHS in Hertfordshire. This means Oska would be starting school without a diagnosis. Without this, a mainstream school cannot access funding for additional support, which would enable Oska to fully access his educational environment and participate alongside his peers. 

As it stands, Oska has significant difficulties, particularly with communication and needs one-to-one support. This just isn't possible without this additional funding. Oska is currently tracking just below age-expected learning goals, despite having a significant amount of support. But, without the support he currently receives and in a new learning environment, he could quickly fall so far behind his peers that it could take years to catch up. This could potentially put him at a significant disadvantage throughout his education. 

The money raised by this crowdfunding campaign will go towards the cost of Oska having a private diagnosis before he starts school.  This will mean early interventions can be put in place, both at home and at school, to allow him to thrive and reach his milestones. It also means Oska and his family can have access to ASD resources, support and disability-related benefits that he is currently not able to receive.

Let's make 'Help Oska Get The Help He Needs To Thrive!' happen

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