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by Origin - F1 in Schools in Odiham, Hampshire, England

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Origin are an F1 in Schools team. As U.K National Champions, we need funding to reach the World Finals in Kuala Lumpur.

by Origin - F1 in Schools in Odiham, Hampshire, England

The Basics

Origin are a team of five 13-15-year-old engineers. As U.K National Champions, Origin have won the opportunity to represent the United Kingdom in Kuala Lumpur at the World Finals. We need to raise £20,000 to compete at the World Finals in September 2017.

The F1 in Schools program is the largest STEM project in the world, with over 40 nations taking part. The competition entails teams developing a small F1-style car that is capable of hitting speeds of around 60 miles per hour in under one second. Teams also need to have a display and portfolios which represent how the car was developed, as well as the enterprise and marketing strategy. Finally, a formal presentation is performed to judges in a high-pressure interview. The teams are marked in every area and the highest scoring team are crowned Champions. With seven trophies already, Origin will be looking for more at the World Finals.

The team consists of three girls and two boys as Origin strongly wish to promote and encourage women in engineering - a key factor in the F1 in Schools competition.  Diversity is one aspect that makes Origin a unique team in this competition.

Who we are

Team Origin, as stated above, consists of three girls and two boys, endeavoring to succeed at the 2016-17 F1 in Schools world finals in Kuala Lumpur in September. Teamwork is key in the competition; Origin have split into two 'sub-teams', a car and design team and enterprise team. Whilst both teams work together, the main roles of the car and design team is to ensure the fastest, most innovative car in the competition, whilst the enterprise team focuses on presentations, 'pit displays' and portfolios. 

All of Origin's members are currently working in English school Years 9 and 10, at Robert May's School in Odiham, Hampshire. Robert May's has an unbeatable track record within the F1 in Schools competition, having won the world finals in 2014 and coming in the top 10 for a number of years. Origin are the school's 9th national champions!

What the competition entails

F1 in Schools is worldwide competition, focused on getting young people into engineering, whilst preparing them for real life working scenarios. The entire team have learnt a truly amazing amount, whilst working at exceedingly high levels of work.

Essentially, the competition requires teams to:

  • Design, build and race the most aerodynamic car possible (cars roughly 210mm long)
  • Ensure their car complies with a 31-page rulebook
  • Have the fastest reactions when racing
  • Build a 3x1m 'Pit Display'
  • Perform a 10-minute 'Formal Presentation'
  • Present two 20 page portfolios on 'Engineering' and 'Enterprise'
  • Present their car design to a panel of judges in an 'Engineering Interview'

The cars are powered by a cylinder of compressed CO2, and accelerate at an equivalent of 0-60 in under a second! Each of these activities are rigorously judged scoring teams points. The team with the most points at the end of the competition wins and will be crowned world champions.

Why we need your help

Of course, the trip will not be cheap, and we need your funding to get us to Malaysia! Flights, hotels and entry fees all need paying, as well as sourcing of resources for use in the competition, such as pit displays and car parts. Your donations are exactly what we need to get us to Kuala Lumpur, so we would love for you to donate! Any donations, however small, are gratefully received.

Your donations won't just be funding our trip but will enable us to represent the UK at the world finals, as well as a number of community benefits. Firstly, the team members gain a huge amount of knowledge and understanding in the competition, and we are all incredibly pleased for our donations. The benefits spread from there, F1 in Schools is competition encouraging young engineers to pursue a career in engineering, especially pushing on women in motorsports. The benefits could go on...

Ultimately, your donation may seem small but will make a huge difference! More information about the competition can be found at or visit to see what the team are doing.

If you wish to contact the team, or are willing to sponsor Origin, please drop us a line at

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