Help Novenary to launch and start giving back!

by Gemma in New Milton, England, United Kingdom

Help Novenary to launch and start giving back!


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Novenary was created out of a personal requirement for natural thereupetic products & a desire to give back.

by Gemma in New Milton, England, United Kingdom


Hi All,

Novenary was created due to my personal  experience of ill health and the isolation I experienced during some of the toughest days. 

I am dedicated in my mission to support others who are experiencing day to day challenges with their physical or mental health and well being. 

  • 1 in 4  adults and 1 in 10 children will experience a mental health problem each year in the UK
  • 1 in 6  will experience a common mental health problem i.e. anxiety every week in the UK

Unfortunately, due to Covid -19 the number of people experiencing metal health challenges is higher than ever.

Through Novenary I aim to create a platform(website) providing and selling natural, thereupetic self care products, sharing of relevant content, celebrating different arts and creative outlets, ultimately building an inclusive and informative network and community.  

The benefits of aromatherapy are well-researched and haven proven to positively impact the emotional part of the brain.

The raise will enable me to take the full range of  products to market and fulfil wholesale orders. It will also enable Novenary to offer concessions to front line workers.

The aim is to help create a future where selfcare is an essential part of life.  

All donations, no matter what size, are gratefully received.

Please see below for my story and product offering details. 

Thank you,



What is my business?

Novenary is a luxurious aromatherapy range for the body and mind, encompassing a unique line of candles and personal care products developed with extensively refined materials, ethically sourced crystals and premium ingredients

Novenary was created out of a personal requirement for natural thereupetic products and a desire to give back, to assist in the wellbeing of all. 

What is my mission?

Inspire and enable moments of connection, refocus and appreciation for self and life.

What has been achieved so far?

  •  IP Trade Marks Secured and Trade Design Protected
  • Fragrance Development
  • Ownership of the IP for four unique fragrance blends
  • Compliant with IFRA and The Cosmetic Safety Assessment Requirements 

 Stock and WIP:

  • 1500 bespoke candle packaging boxes
  • 10L of the blended oils
  • 6K  branded glass bottles 


  • Hollywood actor working on a major title film  confirmed for a product placement 
  • Luxury fashion company with over 11m followers on social media  - connection with Novenary
  • Several elite influencers with large online networks supporting Novenary post product
  • EX MD of a global cosmetics company offering his mentorship and support 
  • Subscription opportunity with a high end publication with over 22k subscribers (unable to currently fulfil due to initial outlay costs)
  • Product placement on a mainstream, prime radio slot show
  • Wholesale trade account secured (luxury marketplace) (unable to currently fulfil due to initial outlay costs)


 What will the donations be used for?

  • Launch the full range of the self-care products 
  • Website development cost  
  • I will be able to offer concessions to a greater number of individuals i.e. local NHS hospitals, hospices and care homes 
  • Expand the range of core products
  • New product compliance testing
  • Outsource the fulfilment to optimise the business process
  • Support wholesale business costs 


 Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has pledged support.  If anyone would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me  on 

My Story

In April 2019, after a few years of undiagnosed health issues, I was prescribed a course of antibiotics to try and treat the suspected digestive problem. Unfortunately, after taking just several tablets, I experienced a severe adverse reaction. I felt excruciating pain across my stomach area and was struggling to breathe. I was experiencing heart palpitations and was unable to stop shaking or regulate my body temperature. For three days I was unable to stand or leave my bed and I was suffering from temporary delirium. 

Unfortunately, this was just the beginning.  My doctor and hospital consultant were not able to offer any support other than to monitor and establish what damage it had done and what options were available to me. I suffered with vascular, lymphatic, endocrine and hormonal damage along with constant nerve pain and respiratory issues

I was 32 years old and previous to this had been living and working in London as an Associate Director for a recruitment agency. My life was full and I thrived on the chaos of work and enjoyed trips to the theatre, walks around the parks and exploring the history of London. I had a life I loved!

After the reaction to the antibiotics, I was unable to speak on the phone or in person as I was suffering from acute respiratory and oxidative stress which meant I was unable to communicate. I lost 2.5 stone in weight and a lot of my hair fell out. My confidence was at all time low and I mourned the life I had lost, without warning. I had to move back home with my parents as I needed full time care.

During the next few months I spent my days in bed staring out of the window in a state of depression. One day I started researching my symptoms and found that many others had suffered the same reaction as myself  and it is called 'Fluoroquinolone Toxicity'. 

I felt immense relief when I discovered and joined a Facebook Group and was able to connect with others who had experienced an adverse reaction to the same pharmaceutical.

The two biggest factors in my recovery thus far have been time, which I found incredibly hard to give in to as we are all so used to living in a world where there are instant remedies or fixes. However, healing takes time and dedication to use each day as a stepping stone to better health. There is no miracle cure!

The second was my self care plan which helped to centre me, and empowered me to feel that I was in control. It also gave me hope that if I kept repeating my routine that  I would start to feel an improvement and slowly but surely I did.  I would light a scented candle every evening before having my bath which helped me to relax and still my mind.  It was my form of meditation and helped me to relax. 

I  built a self care plan utilising natural products with thereupetic properties and this became the seed idea for my business 'Novenary'.

The first product that I am launching will be the aromatherapy candles, with three different scents to choose from. 

Novenary owns all the formulations and I have been super selective when choosing our suppliers.  I work with a social enterprise that supports a female co-operative in Africa and also a manufacturer who employs ex-offenders and addicts to support them with a return to work programme.  I have a big focus on sustainability for my packaging and select ethical ingredients.

There are 6 different personal care products to follow. All have been put through compliance testing and are ready to bring to market, however cash flow is holding the business back.

I have put my life savings in to the business so far and am funding the business with my recruitment salary and commissions. However, to get the business to the next level I need financial support to be able to move forward.

Thank you for reading my story!


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