Help Nora to help Nepalese people

Help Nora to help Nepalese people

We directly support individual Nepalese people that I met while volunteering in Nepal to buy essentials like food, water and a tent.

We did it!

On 23rd Jun 2015 we successfully raised £660 of £500 target with 29 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Any additional money raised will go to the education of the orphans your previous donations are feeding: Whilst disaster relief is often very short-lived, the problems for affected Nepalese continue. The orphans are very aware of this and know that if they don't go to school, they have no chance later in life. Please help me to make it possible for them to get an education!

Project aim

We directly support individual Nepalese people that I met while volunteering in Nepal to buy essentials like food, water and a tent.

About the project

I worked as a volunteer in Nepal throughout the last three years, and I came to love the humble and kind spirit of the Nepalese people. Even though it is one of the poorest countries in Asia, every single person I met glowed with happiness, compassion and a deep appreciation of life. It pains me so much to see this country ravaged and devasted by the repeated earthquakes of the last month. Due to a corrupt government, the system is failing and hardly anyone is helped by the government. External aid is only coming in slowly. And the most vulnerable members of society, the poor, orphans, single mothers, are struggling to find essentials like food or drinking water. The situation gets worse with the monsoon rains setting in, drenching the country and filling the streets with muddy water. Thinking about the diseases that might spread with all the unburied dead bodies in the monsoonal rain and heat fills me with despair.

I have already donated nearly £400 to individuals for disaster relief - individuals I know personally and trust completely. They have used the money to either be able to get out of the city (decreasing the risk of disease there), to buy food for the destroyed villages that are beyond the reach of governmental support, or simply to buy food, water and a tent. As simple as that. My Nepalese little brother spent the last month without shelter but with a broken leg, eating nothing but bits of dry bread. Please help me to help these poor people.

Any money will help!! Money goes a lot further in Nepal, as everything is comparatively cheap there. Any donated money goes directly to affected individuals.

Below are bits of my facebook conversations with affected individuals I donated money to:

 "We have no food now. 24 days gone we ate only bread."

"Thank you very dear god i need more tent because here are a lot's of poor childrens they are just looking like me.they have also no parents now."


 "My nation was beautiful but it is no more"


  "I am OK plz help me we don't have anything plz help me nora"

“Nora ur my real friend nobody came to help me ur angel of my life”


 "my sister house collapsed and my house is cracks so we are turning to homeless"

"I am begging with my friends like you to raise fund for the dead family , funeral ceremony and my sister house rebuilt"



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