Help Nicholas get a Wheelchair. Together we can!

by NGWAREINI FOUNDATION in Ashford, England, United Kingdom


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by NGWAREINI FOUNDATION in Ashford, England, United Kingdom

Imagine this for just a minute: you just had a baby, a little bundle of joy that is now in your care and brings light and joy to your life. Your life has changed forever.

You work hard every day to support your growing family now and you spend every minute thinking of ways to make your new baby’s life better than yours.

This was the case of Dorcas, mother of Nicholas. Nicholas was a perfect little bundle of joy when he was born but life had some different plans for him. When he was just 3 months old, Nicholas was put in the care of a babysitter for a few hours so that his mother could go to work and provide for her newborn. While she was working, his mother never expected what would happen next, as Nicholas was dropped by his babysitter in a moment of negligence that would cost him dearly. But things did not end here as his mother was to find out about this accident only few months later when Nicholas already started to give signs of his irrevocable damage. After months of medical investigations his mother finally found out about the accident and the final outcome came in like a blast: Cerebral Palsy!

If words could kill, these two little words definitely pierced Nicholas’s and his mother’s hearts.

12 years later, nothing has improved in Nicholas’ condition as this is that type of disease that is irrevocable. Routine and hard work helped his mother deal with during this time with all Nicholas’ needs, who spends his entire time laying in bed and waiting to be fed or attended.

Families affected by cerebral palsy face myriad challenges, including financial pressure associated with the disorder. Medical bills, lost productivity, and care expenses add up quickly, leaving them in huge financial shortfalls. Nicholas and his mom never asked for too much and they always appreciated with crying eyes all the little support and attention they ever got, which was very little indeed.

Dorcas and her son’s difficulties grabbed the attention of Sam Gichuki ( a philanthropist and the founder of Ngwareini Foundation) while they were admitted in KIAMBU general hospital 3 years ago.

Since then, Ngwareini Foundation has met Nicholas and his mom in several occasions and while our support brought them some sheer of light there is still much we feel that Together we can do for Nicholas.


While to many of us it may not sound as much at all, a simple wheelchair to begin with would significantly improve Nicholas’ life style and will help his mother take better care of him, while being able to still attend to her work needs.

Wheelchair-accessible vans and other modified conversion vehicles can be quite costly. On average, these types of vehicles can cost anywhere from $5,000 on the low end to around $60,000 or more on the high end.

Children with special needs should have access to safe transportation for numerous reasons, including, medical appointments, therapy, and school, in addition to simply getting from place to place for daily life.

Why should Nicholas not benefit from a simple tool like this that would help him lead a better life. He’s already been through worse, help us help him go through better times, at least now.

Together, for Nicholas, we Can.  Thank you

Let's make 'Help Nicholas get a Wheelchair. Together we can!' happen

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