Help needed to get Teddy his Medical Chest Brace

by Melanie Dawes in Stevenage, England, United Kingdom

Help needed to get Teddy his Medical Chest Brace
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Financial help needed to get Teddy a Pectus Brace due to his diagnosis that came completely out of nowhere.

by Melanie Dawes in Stevenage, England, United Kingdom

Teddy is our 13 year old son whom lives and breaths for football! Back during 1st lockdown , I noticed a lump on his chest. He had also been suffering from lack of breath whilst playing football. Concerned with both this lump protruding from his chest and his breathing, he was seen by the GP whom referred him for chest x rays and ultrasounds of his heart. After numerous tests, Teddy has now been diagnosed with Pectus carinatum, a deformity of the chest wall. Pectus carinatum is a genetic disorder of the chest wall. It makes the chest jut out. This happens because of an unusual growth of rib and breastbone (sternum) cartilage.More common in boys from 12 -18 years old, his chest is now noticeably sticking out and he is becoming increasingly conscious of his appearance. 

We were given 2 options. Surgery or a Chest Brace. Whilst surgery being free and on the NHS , recovery time is slow and although fixes the problem immediately, Teddy would not be able to do sport or his play football, his absolute passion for at least 12 months. The Brace on the other hand , is worn up to 23 hours per day and applies pressure to the deformity forcing it to grow back inwards and correctly. A slower process , the brace is worn 23 hours per day up to 18 months. The consultant has confirmed it can be removed for eating and for an hours training or match. We as a family felt this is the best option for Teddy’s mental well-being. We honestly don’t believe he would cope with the surgery , slow recovery time and not being able to be play with his friends. 

The brace unfortunately comes with a cost as they refuse to provide it under the NHS. They claim it is cosmetic. It is not just cosmetic, young men are taking their own lives over this deformity and looking different to peers. We do not want our son to become a statistic nor for his mental well being to be affected. The cost of the brace is £4863 which includes his monthly treatment of having the brace adjusted. The cost must be paid in full when the brace is ordered as it is custom made .

As a parent it is very hard and upsetting to not be able to just go and pay for it but we just do not have that kind of money readily available amd we cannot order the Brace until we have paid in full.

Please can anybody help us to get Teddy his Brace. I completely understand we are in covid times and many families are struggling their own battles, but anything small or big, plus gift aid would be appreciated more than you would ever know or understand. We would have liked to do a charity fundraiser football match etc but unable due to covid. 

 Whilst it will be a long journey for the correction process , it will mean so much to us and Teddy that he can be treated and still be able to play football with his Stotfold U13 team.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please pass on to friends and family to give us more chance of getting the help for Teddy.

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