Help funding an awarded studentship in Rome

by Bunny in Whiteknights, England, United Kingdom


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I need help with the costs of a studentship I have been awarded at the British School at Rome.

by Bunny in Whiteknights, England, United Kingdom

Hello All, 

Thank you for taking the time to look at my crowdfunder.

My name is Bunny and I have been a field and research archaeologist since 2001. 

Please have a look at the video (it's about 7 minutes long) before reading the below. Apologies for the snuffly voice, I had a cold, but in the video I explain who I am, what I need help with and what I have done about it myself. 


As part of my Masters degree, I successfully applied for a prestigious position at the British School at Rome (BSR). This studentship will provide an integral 30 credits of my degree, whilst giving me the opportunity to live in the ancient city for two months under some of the worlds' leading experts on Roman life. 

What do I need?:

I have already paid the £2500 tuition fee and the £560 travel costs of this journey, but I am now running out of time to find the remaining £2700 (for accommodation and food) and the £1800 needed to support my rent and outgoings in the UK whilst I am in Rome. Despite careful organisation and a lot of hours work, during the year I have been working towards this position, these costs have risen considerably due to economic changes between the euro and the pound, the addition of further costs and the increase in living.

What have I done for myself?:

I spent over 4 consecutive months alongside my full time Masters degree supervising and teaching at the Department of Archaeology's field schools at Silchester and Dunyvaig. 

I have three part time jobs as a research assistant.

I have been a paid mentor on the Futurelearn: Virtual Rome course three times. 

I have also taken on a number of paid positions within different departments at the University (please see link below for full details).

All of this work has gone towards paying the Masters fees, the BSR tuition fees and the travel costs for this trip alongside my usual living costs.

Extra information:

Examples of work undertaken: linkedin

Examples of other projects: academia

My outreach blog: Archaeology Grrl

My Interdisciplinary Network: SAHID Network


Everyone has free access to my online blog for outreach archaeology and the Science and Humanities Interdisciplinary Dialogues network (SAHID) - Please see links above. 

£5 Get added to the SAHID mailing list to receive news (no more than once a week) on events, seminars, conferences and discussions surrounding the education, heritage and conservation sectors.

£10 or more - Have your event advertised on the SAHID network mailing list - a growing interdisciplinary network that creates dialogues between specialisms in humanities and sciences across the heritage sector. 

£50 receive a digital copy of the finished paper that will be produced at the BSR under the supervision of Prof. Amanda Claridge.

£100 receive a digital copy of my Masters thesis upon completion and a digital collection of the best photographs I take during the trip

£500 + (!) receive all of the above and a guided tour by myself around the ruins of the Roman town Silchester.


Let's make 'Help funding an awarded studentship in Rome' happen