Sodi World Finalist 2019 - Beau's Racing Journey

by Stuart Sulivan in Ramsden Heath, England, United Kingdom


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Raising funds for Beau to compete at the Sodi World Finals in 2019 and furthering his ambition to become a professional racing driver

by Stuart Sulivan in Ramsden Heath, England, United Kingdom

Sodi World Finalist - Valencia, July 2019 - Beau Sullivan

  • Beau has been racing for almost 3 years with the financial support of his family, but as with all forms of Motorsport the costs get higher each year and the family can not progress his ambition to be a professional race driver without addition backing. This year Beau is looking to move up from cadets to juniors and will be racing at the Sodi World Finals.

    Beau is a 13-year boy from Billericay, Essex, who has had a love of motorsport since a very young age. He first step into a kart almost 3 years ago at Brentwood Karting Raceway, then joining the Development Club at Brentwood. After a couple of weeks, he won his first race and a couple of months later, Beau was invited to the Brentwood Race League. Beau has won multiple races and Championships at different race tracks around the country as well as being Ranked Number 1 in the UK Sodi Ranking, 10th in the World last year. Beau has qualified for the Sodi World Finals which take place in July in Valenica and will be the only driver from the UK as he races against 40 other drivers from around the world, all looking to be crown Sodi World Champion.

Anyone who has seen Beau in a kart has always been impressed with his natural ability and his smooth driving style in all weather conditions. This view was reinforced when Beau went for a test day with Stilp Hard Karting Academy earlier this year at Whilton Mill, a new track for Beau. They were amazed and surprised by how fast he was, even saying that he was the fastest rookie they had seen at the track. They were also very impressed with how quickly he would follow their instructions on the track and put them into practice. They invited Beau to race for their team which we had to decline at the time because of the addition cost, they did say they would put him into the British Championship and believe he would be a contender.

All donations are gratefully received and anyone donating over £50 will receive a Beau Sullivan Racing T-Shirt.

Beau's Achievements


Buckmore Park Junior Winter Championship – Currently 1st

Brentwood Winter Championship – 1st

Beau is looking to step up to the Juniors in owner driver once he makes the Minimum Driver weight.

Beau won 7 rounds on his way to winning the Brentwood Winter Championship. There is one more round to go in the Buckmore Park Junior Winter Championship, Beau currently leads and only 1 driver can catch him. Beau is to travel to Valencia to complete in the Sodi World Finals.


UK Sodi Ranking – 1st

World Sodi Ranking – 10th

Brentwood Winter Championship – 1st

Brentwood Winter Championship Fastest Lap

Buckmore Park Junior Winter Championship – 1st

Lydd Summer Championship – 2nd

Kent Kart Championship – 2nd

Buckmore Park Junior Summer Championship – 1st

Buckmore Star Pupil - 1st

Beau started the year by racing in his last Championship at Brentwood and won it with 2 races to spare, winning 7 race days and 2nd in the other 5 race days. He then won the Buckmore Park Junior Winter Championship, this was done even though he missed a race day. Beau has been racing his own kart as a privateer at Bayford Meadows and Lydd in the Kent Kart Championship and finished 2nd. He also achieved 2nd place in the Lydd Summer Championship. Beau has been up against more experienced drivers who have the backing of a team to run them at the track. Beau has also been back to Buckmore Park in the Sodi karts and won the Summer Championship with a round to go. The races at Buckmore have helped him get to Number 1 in the UK Sodi Rankings, this runs to the 31st December so will have to wait till the end of the year to see if he can stay Number 1 and go to the Sodi World Finals. Beau was invited to Star Pupil at Buckmore Park where he was judged along with the other drivers on their race craft, attitude, on and off the track. There were 2 professional drivers who decided Beau was this year’s Star Pupil, Beau won a test day with Project One. 


Brentwood Rising Star

Brentwood Winter Championship – 4th

Brentwood Spring Championship – 2nd

Brentwood Summer Championship – 1st

Brentwood All Stars Cup – 2nd

Brentwood Autumn Championship Fastest Lap

Buckmore Park Junior Summer Championship – 3rd

Buckmore Park Star Pupil – 2nd

Rye House Monaco Cup Championship – 2nd

Rye House Monaco Winter Cup – 3rd

Passed MSA Race License

UK Sodi Ranking - 7th

The year started by taking Beau to a new track, Buckmore Park. After only 3 laps practice, he was racing in the wet and made the A Final. We found out afterwards that this was quite achievement as almost no one makes the A Final at their first race meeting. This was followed up by receiving the Brentwood Rising Star award, the main reason for receiving the award was that he was pushing for a podium place in the championship till the last week even though being the smallest and lightest driver gave him a huge disadvantage during a mainly wet season. Beau then went to another new track, Rye House. In his first race, the Winter Cup, Beau managed to come 3rd. He would go on to the Championship and achieve the runner up place over the season even though he had to miss a race as it clashed with a Buckmore Race, the final race was over 40 minutes and Beau came 2nd by 0.1 seconds. Beau completed in 2 Championships at Brentwood, coming 2nd in the Spring Championship by 1 point and winning the Summer Championship. Beau would finish 2nd in the Brentwood All Stars Cup out of 50 drivers up to the age of 18, he was the only driver in the top 4 that wasn’t going to the Sodi World Finals the following week. He only completed a handful of races in the Autumn Championship as he prepared for 2018 by completing his MSA race license and his first race in his own kart. Beau came 3rd in the Buckmore Park Junior Summer Championship and was invited to the Star Pupil event where he was placed 2nd. He finished 5th in the Sodi UK Rankings, a great achievement where he was the highest rookie and the only rookie in the top 15. When his rookie status was removed, he was ranked 3rd highest rookie in the World Rankings.


Joined Brentwood Development Club

Invited to Brentwood Race League

Brentwood Autumn Championship – 5th

Brentwood Charity Endurance Race – 1st

Beau joined the Brentwood Development Club at the end of March and won his first race a couple of weeks later. He was invited to join the Race League in June. We set Beau goals that were achievable but would also push him during the year, all of which he smashed well before we believed he would. In addition to the 5th place finish in the Autumn Championship, he also got the 5th fastest lap of the year at Brentwood Karting Raceway. Beau also took part in Brentwood’s Charity Endurance Race where he raced against 17 other teams, with 3 team mates including Luciano Bacheta (Previous F2 World Champion). They went and won the 2-hour race against much more experienced teams. 

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