Help Naeem fund an environmental master degree

by Naeem in Penryn, England, United Kingdom

Help Naeem fund an environmental master degree
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Please help an individual passionate about the environment study an environmental master degree at the University of Exeter

by Naeem in Penryn, England, United Kingdom

I have recently graduated from Newcastle University in BSc Surveying and Mapping Science. During my three years studying in Newcastle I initially discovered my passion about the environment and understanding the issues in protecting and conserving our beautiful planet.

For my dissertation, I was able to understand and study about a global climate change issue in coastal erosion. The project was to measure the coastline over a period of time to detect if there were any changes, and if so quantify the rates of erosion. My site of interest was on the Holderness Coast, the highest eroding coastline in Europe! The coastline situated in the East Riding of Yorkshire is also local to my hometown of Scunthorpe. I collected my own data using a 3D laser scanner (see my picture above) alongside the data collected by the local council spanning over a 7 year period for three sites on the coastline. The laser scanner scans the cliffs and is able to map this onto a coordinate system. I processed and compiled all of this to produce plots (see plot below). Interpretation of this plot shows that rates of erosion on the site was over a staggering 3 meters per year

This made me want to continue to study our environment to understand issues that may significantly affect future generations.

Determined to continue this dream and make a difference, I have applied and have been successful in being accepted onto a Masters course at the University of Exeter studying MSc Surveying and Land /Environmental Management. This is an ambitious and risky decision coming from a working class family with no surplus funds.

Therefore I am asking if you can help me in my journey to continue my studies into the environment. Any help will be greatly appreciated :)



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