Help my wife retire.

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Help my wife retire.
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My wife is 72 & still working because I’m disabled & only work P/t.I suffer depression & Anxiety worrying about how we’re getting through?

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We lost our house in 1990 and have never recovered. In 2009 I had an accident that damaged both my legs,I had 1/2 a knee replacement because it had to be but the rest will only be done if vital or when I’m 65.Im 58. My wife is still working at 71 as I could only get a p/t job because the Meds I’m on. I had a mini stroke in April leaving me with Cluster headaches & my Neurologist wants me to up my Meds but that would mean me stopping working,so is out of the question. So I just live with it. I feel guilty that my wife has to carry on working to just get by.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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