Help my Palestinian friend go home!

by Stacey Young in Delhi

Help my Palestinian friend go home!
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My friend Mohammed lost his Jordanian passport in India. The embassy is now wanting to charge A LOT to replace it. Help get him home!

by Stacey Young in Delhi

Whilst travelling in india I met I lovely guy and now good friend, Mohammed.  He told me how he had been in India 6 months now unable to go home due to losing his Palestinian passport. Now for anyone from the UK or most other countries this would be solved quite simply, we would go to the embassy and pay for a replacement or emergency passport.  However this is not so simple when you are trying to replace a temporary Jordanian passport.  The embassy are wanting an extortionate amount for this which he simple does not have.  The reason for this is that the embassy are charging their own exchange rate, which is resulting in the price being over 10 times the normal amount! 

Now without a passport, and unable to work due to visa restrictions Mohammed is effectively stuck in India unable to come up with the funds.

Please help as much or as little as you can to help get him home, he hasn't seen his family and friends in months and that's all he wants. 

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