Help my mum get a new roof for Christmas :)

Help my mum get a new roof for Christmas :)

Please help us get my mum a new roof for Christmas!

We did it!

On 26th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £20 with 2 supporters in 28 days

 Hello everyone,

Not that long ago, my mum told me that her roof needs fixing. While I've been aware that there has been some trouble with water getting in, we had a roofer out not that long ago that told my mum just how bad the damage is.

To quote exactly, he wouldn't even go onto the roof as "It was the worst roof he had seen in years and too dangerous to inspect".


She has now been quoted the minimum of 6000 pounds to repair the damage, which is money she does not have.


My goal is to fundraise the money, to try and get some roofers in that may be willing to do some of the work at a discounted price, or if they are feeling particularly generous, for free!


If anyone could help put towards this, the entire family would be incredibly grateful! My mum has raised three kids as a single mother, and has always been there for us, and now we'd like to return this favour. If we could get this money raised by Christmas, it would make a fantastic gift, and I hope that we can get this fixed for her sooner than later. 

The colder months are setting it now, and I'd love for my mum to have a warm, secure house for the holiday season. 

Any and all donations would be greatly appreciated!

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