Help my little girl get the help she needs

Project by Maxine Harris
Help my little girl get the help she needs

help my baby girl overcome her special needs and bullying experience to start afresh and attend a school tailored for her needs.

We did it!

On 2nd Dec 2016 we successfully raised £1 with 1 supporter in 28 days

My little girl.... well I say little girl she is actually 11 bless her has autism and specific learning difficulties. despite all of this she is the kindest and sweetest young lady you will ever meet. She is kind, caring and will help out anyone she meets. Unfortunately for Paige she can't keep up in a mainstream school as she is so naive she is led astray and can't cope in the classroom. She has been bullied her whole life for being dumb or fat and that breaks my heart because she believes everyone in this world is a good person. 

SHE isn't IS amazing, she has two brothers who both have autism; her baby brother has autism severely and she spends everyday playing with him and being a second mummy to him and her dream is to work with special needs children.

Paige needs to attend a specialist school, the only school for her needs that is within 30 miles of us (Egerton Rothesay). She has fallen in love with the school, unfortunately until Paige gets an Educational Health Care assessment I cannot afford the costs of the school. 

We need help, I'm asking you to help keep my little girl safe and to help her reach her potential. SHE HAS a beautiful heart and I don't want that to change because she has special needs and others can't understand that. She has changed schools five times because of bullying.

please help my baby girls dreams come true of starting a high school she can stay in till she is 19 that will enable her to be accepted for the beautiful little lady she is and the an amazing future addition to society.

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