Help my grieving friend and his young family

by Conor in Camberley, England, United Kingdom

Help my grieving friend and his young family
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Aim is to cover finances for several months to help a grieving friend support his kids and ill wife during a horrific time.

by Conor in Camberley, England, United Kingdom

My friend and colleague's fiancee recently gave birth to a boy.  However, tragically the baby died hours after the emergency birth. His fiancee has severe cancer. They already have two very young boys. My friend works incredibly hard and is a great person who loves his family. Unfortunately his job is not very well paid, but he loves his job - something he shouldn't loose. In an ordinary situation he would cope fine financially and personally - yet these events are proving too much. He is having to pay for extra childcare and other critical arrangements and nessecities. However, the money I hope will not just go towards covering expenditure but also temporarily covering future rent. This will give him some comfort knowing that rent is sorted and his family is safe whilst he gets back on his feet.

I have worked with him for a couple of years and he is one the friendliest and honest people I know. I  have not mentioned his name as I hope this will be a great and releieving surprise to him. 

Any donation I know would be greatly appreciated.

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