Help Munchies Van grow and expand

Help  Munchies Van grow and expand

Munchies Van aim is to provide employment to local people improve our website capabilities and expand into other areas

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 4:35pm 21st August 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 4:35pm 21st August 2018

Munchies Van is a online fast food ordering and delivery service based in Grimsby offering a fun fast and friendly but professional delivery service to customers in the local area.

How did Munchies start.

Established in 2012 the owner lost his full time employment and was told he was not entitled to any help from the benefits system at the time being a family man he did not want his children to suffer.

So he went to an business enterprise centre in Grimsby called E-factor and was told that it would never work and that if it was viable Just Eat and the likes would of done it by now.

Not giving up the owner set up a Facebook page called Takeaway Express, and registered with Environmental Health & Trading Standard in the North East Lincolnshire area.

Customers would text their order and owner would go and collect the orders and deliver to the door.

First couple of weeks the owner managed to get between 5/10 orders a week at £5.00 a delivery, not being a great income from it the driver decided to lower the delivery charge to £2.50 which then brought in over 70 orders in the first week from the price drop.

Since then the business has grown rapidly but with lack of funding opportunity's  some of the services they were offering had to be dropped like a restaurant driver back up service etc, with drivers not willing to become self employed etc.

So the owner has continued to work hard and has now had the opportunity of gaining the Munchies Van business due to the previous owners emigrating. which brings in a large customer base covering Barnsley, Manchester and Southport, along with image rights and the use of their website.

At present the company is doing between 100/250 orders a week which is just McDonald's - KFC - Taco Bell - Burger King and a convenience store enabling Munchies to delivery Tobacco and Alcohol to customers homes.

We are being approached by a few companies wanting to sign up to our website and use our delivery service which we would love to do but due to funding issues cannot ensure a service which would be constant.

What would happen if we could raise the money to pursue our dreams.

  • Cheaper charges for customers
  • Guaranteed income generated from companies signing up to a monthly fee for our website
  • Be able to franchise our service through out the country
  • Generate more customers through marketing opportunity's  

Why we need the funding to make our company run to its full potential

  • To update our website to cover the new data protection acts
  • Purchase food storage facility for vehicles to keep the food the same temperature or higher than what it comes out the store.
  • Uniforms for staff
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Advertising 
  • Vehicle purchases or leasing
  • Employ local people

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