Help Mobi set up a salon

by Mobiola Akinse in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Help Mobi set up a salon


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1. Generate employment opportunities for mothers like me who are finding it difficult to make both ends meet. 2. Bring in a positive change

by Mobiola Akinse in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

I'm Mobiola Akinse. I'm parenting 2 amazing toddlers under the age of 2. My health conditions suring my pregnancy kept me away from my job for a while. To add to this, the pandemic reculted in massive job losses. I lost my job too, Thus, I am unable to make both ends meet.

I lost my mother when I was 18. She was an amazing hair stylist. She fought cancer with all her might. The memories of the emotional turmoil we went through when she was undergoing chemotherapy were emotional and painful.

Inspired by the mighty soul of my mum was, I have decided to setup a salon. The salon will help me take advantage of years of my experience in this industry. Further, the salon will also generate employment opportunities for talented mothers like me who are rendered jobless because of their pregnancy or the pandemic or both.

I also look forward to collaboarate with cancer charities to create wigs for patients undegoing chemotherapy. These patients see themselves loosing their hair everyday just like my mum. Losing hair for them is like losing their identity.

These wigs will make them look attractive again. This motivates the depressed patients. Hence, the process increases their survival instinct during the deadly treatment of cancer. The dark episode of my mother's life has led me to do something meaningful for the cancer patients. My mother always gave back to the society.

I have been let down by Banks due to my creadit score. Further, there isan't a fund or grand available from council or other organisations to support the cause.

I am commited to my goal. In this new year 2021, I will bring change in the lives of patients undergoing chemotherapy. Further, I will genarte employment opportunities.

 However, the project needs 30,000 pounds to be pumped in to take off. Hence, I urge each one of you to shell out a small amunt. Every penny you shell out will be used for the 2 core objectives.

  • Generate employment opportunities for mothers like me who are finding it difficult to make both ends meer.
  • Bring in a positive change in the lives of people undergoing chemotherapy.

I also keep sharing the development and updates with all of you.

Let's make 'Help Mobi set up a salon' happen

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