SilverBack Labour Milton Keynes

by SilverBack Labour in Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom

SilverBack Labour Milton Keynes
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Get as many local people of different ages and backgrounds into construction and provide them with transferable skills to better their life

by SilverBack Labour in Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom

Hi i'm Larry, founder of Silverback Labour, i started the business in October 2017, I realised, whilst i was working for Willmott Dixon as a general labourer, that there was a need for a labour agency in Milton Keynes that offered real opportunities to local people. The positive response i received from Willmott Dixon and the people i worked with when i told them of my business idea gave me the confidence and realisation that this could really work; not only being of great benefit to the local community, but giving me a career and a more secure future for my family. My business already looks promising we have our next project starting this November ; I’m excited about what the future holds for me and SilverBack Labour. I’m grateful for Willmott Dixon for giving me a chance to work for them and for the support and guidance that they’ve given me in setting up Silverback Labour, as well as being my first customer!

Being born and raised in Milton Keynes i want to give something back. My vision is that local people from every sort of background to achieve fundamental skills and financially security for there hard work! I dont see the reason why travailing far away for work when its on your door step. local people, local work, better work life balance, positive social mobility, a better Milton Keynes 

Having first hand experience in the construction industry and know how a labourer lives hand to mouth i feel SilverBack Labour can help Milton Keynes people. Below is a list of how we plan to use the funds for our next project.

  • Provide electric bikes to all staff that live within a 10 mile radius 
  • Buy high quality PPE and uniform 
  • Set up a office onsite 
  • Provide once a week finance advice, mental health awareness, fitness MOT
  • Incentives for work,attendance,and other factors
  • Use our own pay roll to help workers take home more money rather than use umbrella company
  • Pay for training that will help the achieve more money per hour benefiting them and the family and local economy 
  • Build a login page on the website so workers can fill in time sheets and upload details
  • Provide workshops and business mentoring
  • Pay for CSCS cards and other training to get them onsite  
  • Become registered with the REC board
  • Recruit more women into construction 
  • helping homeless into work
  • getting more disabled people into construction 

Please find links to press releases and our website

I have pdf's of other the press releases please email me and ill send them on.

Silverback Labour Website 

Willmott Dixon Press Article 

Please support SilverBack Labour! Help the people of Milton Keynes!

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