by Egle J in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom



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To help bring my business idea alive of homemade skincare products that are animal cruelty-free

by Egle J in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom


I will donate 20% of donated money to a chosen animal shelter or support an organization that fights for animal rights. 

From my business, I want to start with 10% of profit for the first year, 20% for the second year and finally 30% for the 3rd year and continue increasing the maximum profit. 

Whatever the outcome, all money will be contributing to making a difference, and creating a change. Something that I always wanted to. I want to show that there is no need for animal cruelty in making skincare products, but rather we can stop it and make products with homemade ingredients, which can also be vegan free. 

What are you trying to achieve? 

I want my business idea to become a reality, where I can make and sell homemade products such as skin care, perfume, and jewelry (based on resin). As well as to show that it’s possible to make high-class products at home without killing an animal as I am a fighter for animal rights. With 10% of profit in the first year, 20% in the second and 30% in the 3rd year and thereafter. 

What is your business idea? 

I want to have a range of homemade skincare products such as face masks, lip scrubs, hair masks. In addition to this, I also would like to create my own lip gloss, perfume, and jewelry based on resin. Currently, I am in the process of setting my own social media and making some of the products already.  I hope to have a small physical shop rather than online, where customers could come and try the product before buying it, but in response to the covid-19 situation, I will do everything online for a while, offering some samples before the actual product been bought. 

Product example 

Just wanted to give you a sneaky peek in and show what I’ll have in stock. 

Lip scrub: Scrubs will be made out of natural or home-based ingredients. For example, one of my ingredients lists: sugar, coconut oil, vanilla extract, almond extract, honey… 

Face mask: There will be various face masks available for skin brightening, to clear acne, a mask that will help for pigmentation to fade away, to help you to have glowing skin and remove scars. One of my ingredients will be Turmeric 


In addition, I will be making jewelry and other accessories with resin. Such as keychains, bookmarks, mirrors, pens, notebooks, and much more.  I also have success in making keychains with photos inside resin, which gives you a memory for a lifetime! 

What makes your project great?

My vision

The vision is to bring my business to reality, by making homemade skincare products and in addition by making jewelry and resin art. I hope to be able to certify my products and be able to sell them online via a website and one day to open a physical store where customers could come to try the products themselves. The product ingredients will be natural, organic. I do carefully choose my suppliers based on their missions, values, and ethics. 

I also will be using eco-friendly packaging that was sourced from reliable supplies as well as other small businesses.  I’ll make sure that everything can be either composted, recycled, or reused. As well in addition to this, I will keep donating to animal shelters and small organizations that are helping or fighting against animal cruelty.


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With this reward you'll get a mysterious box, where I'll combine all of my products with samples of perfume. Please let me know your address so I can make sure it arrives safely!

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A shoutout on my business social media such as Instagram, tik tok, Facebook etc to thank you for your donation, that will help me to move my dream more towards realization!

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As a thank you, I will make you one of your choice personalized resin accessory. It can be either a bookmark, a keychain with your own name, or a small photo in it. Just let me know your address before donating. So I can make sure that it reaches you well

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With this reward, you'll get a small box of handmade silver, gold jewelry. It will be chosen on a packing time. I will include anywhere from 5 to 10 pieces. Please let me know your address so I can make sure it reaches you safely! P.S it will be sent by royal mail


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