Help me with my sports dream :)

Help me with my sports dream :)

Hello me to progress in my shooting career by helping me to buy my own sports rifle.

We did it!

On 1st Jan 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 58 days

As a lot of you know I have recently taken up rifle shooting.

As a teenager I had a go and was advised to take up the sport, sdaly i never did, who knows what I could have a achieved...

Anyway, at the age of 39 I finally have and i have't lost the knack!  I am already competing locally and have been entered into my first nation competition The Eley Shooting Competition.  I have joined Box Rifle Club adn my mentor Ralph has been amazing.  The club have a basic rifle that I use, but in order to progress (like in any sport) i need something more specialist, this comes with a pretty hefty price tag...

So my wish is to save up for my own rifle to compete with, I have put my cello up for sale as a start and all I ask is, no Christmas presents or 40th Birthday presents (yes I'm 40 in March!) please give what you might have paid to this fund, even if it was just a fiver.

Thanks all xxx

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