New challange #FundForMyDream

by Momo chan in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

New challange #FundForMyDream
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I don't like to ask for help as I like to do all by myself but this time I just can't do it all by myself.

by Momo chan in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

For some reason I moved in UK after my degree in Computer Sience in Italy. I think I needed to change life, work out for better opportunities and challangies so I left my country, all by myself. 

I was chaising something, I wasn't sure what was it until I now. 

I always loved the English culture, the language is one of the most important as well so I moved here but my English was terrible which brought me to attend a part-time course to emprove my grammar. I could't work as I was waiting for my National Insurance Number who has taken 3 months to get done. So I had to spend most of my savings for a living, bills and food because of that.

I'm not gonna lie, I've been through a tough time. I felt alone, my only chanse to speak with somebody was at the English course, I could't afford nothing but food and my room but it was perfecly fine for me at least I was doing something, something cool from my perspective :P

During this tough time I found something, like a new hope. I was looking for a professional course to emprove my computer skills but I discovered a Game Art and Design course at the local university. I wans't sure at first as this would be meaning get back to the student life with its hard work, hard work and hard work as well.

So I applied. eheh. 

I was so excited that you can't even imagine. Then I worked out for my interview, the portfolio and my grammar as well. I've never been a good drawer as I'm better with software at the pc, but I tried my best to show my passion, my big dream about this. So my portfolio consisted of some drawings and a simple game made by myself as well. (The pic of this project is one of the drawing I took with me for the interview.) When the interviewer asked me why I've chosen that course I simply replied: "That's what I whant to do. I want to create something that makes people feel the same emotions that I feel as well when I play videogames". I focused all myself on that project and on February I received my offer. I did it guys! I thought it was something out of my league but I tried and I got this.

I got a job as well, nothing special but it was my first job in UK and also it paid the bills.

I 'd really need to move near the City Center so I'd be able reach the uni quicker than now without the waste of money and time on travels. Rents are obviusly a little more expensive. I just need this help to afford the big deposit sometimes 3 months because I don't have a guarantor, the rent and the linving costs until I'll get a new job near me (I'll need to look for another job near me who suits with the uni course).

I don't have much savings and no family support.

I don't really know to whom else ask.

Thanks a lot for your time. Any help would be really appreciated. You can also help me simply sharing this, thank you.

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