Help me volunteer at a hospital in Tanzinia

Help me volunteer at a hospital in Tanzinia

My name is Ashley Graham and I am heading to Irigna in Tanzina to volunteer within the regional hospital!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


My name is Ashley Graham…

For a while now I’ve always wanted to do something outside the box, and make a difference. I will be graduating this summer as a Healthcare Scientist as my ambition for life is to ensure everyone gets the best healthcare they can regardless where they live. With this in mind, and after extensive research I have chosen to make a difference in East Africa by volunteering at Irigina Regional Hospital in September.

Though I am absolutely terrified I know this will be a life changing experience and one that will make a difference to the lives of the people within Irigina.


My story

The first part of the project I will be joining other volunteers on a medical placement within the hospital working within the busy hospital in several departments covering a total of 365 beds. Some of the most common causes for admission to Iringa Regional Hospital are children suffering from malnutrition, pregnant women with pregnancy related complications, or complications with childbirth and infectious diseases.

The second part of my project is after my hospital placement I will be volunteering at the local orphanage, this is a developing country with little resources and unfortunately due to a struggling healthcare system there are many children without parents to whoms lives I would like to make an impact.

Why is this important to me?

East Africa is a country with a very dense population and overstretched medical resources. I feel that by joining this project any help I can give will not only be valuable in saving lives but also help with educating other professionals and the community. In addition I will gain valuable work and life experience and a better understanding of the issues.

 If you are able to help me by donating you will be supporting a charity and the local community by putting me right in the centre of this worthwhile cause.


 About the organisation I am volunteering with…

GapMedics unlike many other volunteer agencies is a totally non profit volunteer-led organisation which becomes directly involved in projects within East Africa, Croatia and Poland. Their aim is to make volunteering as accessible as possible; to provide real long term help to those in need and to allow volunteers to make a real difference.

In East Africa the projects focus on healthcare and allows volunteers to experience the beauty of the country whilst making a real difference to the people in the area.

Where will the money go?

Some of the money you donate will go towards the costs of making my volunteer programme possible, although I am funding minimum 50% myself (flights, accommodation, food)

The surplus is used to fund local projects and goes towards funding large scale projects which have a pronounced impact on African communities. In previous years funds from volunteers have contributed towards purchasing much needed medical resources and education for the community.

If I exceed my target I would like to donate more money towards one of the local projects that touches me the most. (If I am lucky enough for this to happen I will email everyone who donates to let you know what project I have supported.)


Check out the rewards I am offering if you donate, however much that might be. 
(Please note there is an option to add more to any of your pledges when you reach the payment page. e.g If you want to donate more than the option given you can add it on when you reach the payment page!) 

You don’t need to give me money to help me succeed (although that would be lovely!) You can help by sharing this with everyone you know as I think it's a worthy cause and the more people who know about it the more likely I am to reach my target.


Keep an eye out for updates and I will post the link to my blog ASAP.


Okay so… I know I said you don't need to give money to help me, but I would love it if you did! Please sponsor me and help make this happen!