Help me upgrade from my Toaster Potato PC

Help me upgrade from my Toaster Potato PC

Buying or building a modern PC to replace the toaster i'm stuck with, it would help me with work and to run games beyond 2006.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Right now i'm stuck with an HP Touchsmart IQ500 from 2005-2006. If you try to run Photoshop AND Youtube at the sn one of these, it will explode. 4 GB RAM, almost all consumed by the OS.  300GB Hard Drive, so yeah,  no huge games nor ambicious projects of video (which is my career). Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS, it can barely handle Minecraft, takes three years to render a 2 minutes 360p video, any games newer than 2005 will make this machine beg for mercy.

I'd like something newer, i'm not asking for a Titan powered monster, nor Alienware/ASUS/YouNameItOverpricedPC, just something more powerful than what i have right now, something that allows me to at least try to work my way on Youtube or something.

The reason why i'm asking you, guys, it's because i'm from Venezuela, and economy here it's pretty much messed up, it's impossible to save any money, and i'm kinda desperate by now.