help me travel to find work #vanlife

help me travel to find work #vanlife

Hi everyone!. live in North Wales and i'm currently in the process of becoming a full time van dweller in search for work.

We did it!

On 7th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £53 with 3 supporters in 7 days


Hi everyone!.  i'm 22 years old and living in Conwy, North Wales. i'm currently in the process of becoming a full time van dweller in search for a job.. i started with the project of buying a van and converting it into a small home back in June in which after spending 9 long months unemployed ( not the best area for an mechanical engineer ) i had enough and felt depressed, so i decided to sell my much loved motorbike and buy a van.

the very same day i sold the bike i had bought a van, a 1993 LDV convoy low roof minibus with 38k miles on the clock with a 12 months MOT for a fair sum of £500.. the van was owned by a friend who own's a car garage in which he bought it from a local high school and used it as band van for a couple of years. I never intended on picking such an old and large sized van but I knew it ran perfectly as I been on the trip's to gig's in the past and the insurance for it is super cheap at £320 a year. the engine and under body of the van ere in very good condition.. not just for an LDV but any van of that age in fact. I had planned to have the van on the road and 90% converted by September but I strongly underestimated the finish line, due to funding issues..

i knew that if i rushed the project while underfunded it would't turn out well and it would be something that id have to live with down the line. today i'm about 70% there, i have the electrics, flooring and celing insulation to finish and then buying all the bits and bob's i need so i live in it full time, and maybe a little body work when the weather get's better one day.. currently the cost of the battery's is my biggest problem to overcome but i got given a faulty old car battery just to get the wiring and LED lights going for now.. my main plan with the van is to travel around different area's of the UK and possibly europe working part/full time jobs for work agency's while I'll save up for a while then hopefully land a permanent job in a area i like and possibly start thinking about getting my own apartment.. but right now i'm unemployed after finishing a short term work christmas contract so everything is at a hault once again.  its very fustrating as i know there are job's out there but i just can't reach them, iv even recived multipul phone call's from a work agency down in Cornwall asking if the van will be finished any sooner!.  i explained my situation to them back in june and they really seemed to like my plan of action :) 

the pictures attached are from back in august.. i sold my smart phone since to raise money for the van so i don't have anything to take updated pictures just yet but will be able to do so soon.

i'm pledging for £450 to get the van finished and on the road ready to go.  idealy i could do with more but iv made the sacrafise of not buying a fridge or a small Tv which i will just buy once i start working as there not item's i need to get out there with right now. 


here's a break down of the money that will used from the pledge 

£110 for deep cycle batteries 

£50 for an 240v inverter 

£60 insulating the roof 

£45 to finish the flooring ready for the cappet to be laid in which i recived for free from a local carpet shop :)

£65 for insurance and road tax deposit 

£30 on pot's, pan's and cutulry 

£50 on miscilanious  item's such like storage bin's, gas bottle, water pump, water tank, sink tap and bedding etc 

£30 for a roof vent 

£10 fire extinguisher


in the unlikely chance that total money reised is more than the pledged £450  the money extra money will be used on fueling the van and buying food.

if you made it this far id like to say a big thank you  for spending the time on reading my pledge and current life plan.  

Once i'm away and on my feet... or wheels, i will be matching the money raised here from working and be making a charity donation to the RSPCA.

Thank you everyone! 

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