Help me train to recover from PTSD &being spastic

by Macushla McGown in London, England, United Kingdom

Help me train to recover from PTSD &being spastic


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To recover from an accident that left me spastic with PTSD by training

by Macushla McGown in London, England, United Kingdom

I was living in Australia two years ago and was very successfully training with F45 in Sydney. It’s the only gym I’ve ever belonged to where I got good results – I stayed committed and dedicated, inspired by the trainers, I got fit, strong and controlled my weight. Unfortunately, I was in a bicycle accident which resulted in a traumatic brain injury and saw me being admitted to hospital in a coma for a little over two weeks. When I came out of the coma I had lost the use of my legs and had to learn to walk again. I did this with great determination and was able to meet my personal goal and was able to run (albeit slowly and with reduced balance) 6 weeks after being discharged from hospital.

As I was expected to be in hospital and rehab for up to a year (In the end I was seen as fit to go home 3 weeks after coming out of the coma) I lost my job and my home and ultimately had my business visa withdrawn (thanks to the loss of my job), and so I returned to England. I suffer from PTSD as a result of the accident and the most effective way I found to treat this was with CBT and the demanding physical activity that training with serious commitment brought, and again I found that F45 was the answer.

However, as part of this life change, I have had to ask if I could return to my previous role as an IT Analyst or if there was something else I could do with my life at the age of 40. As someone who enjoyed the technical side of theatre I applied to RADA and LAMDA for a place on their technical courses, being the top courses in the world and was amazed when I was accepted to LAMDA. I have now, with difficulty, completed my first year and have passed all my courses with good grades, and am about to enter my second and final year.

This has brought a huge life change, mostly having to try to live in London on less than the 1000 pounds a month out of which I must pay for my accommodation (I currently live as a property guardian in an ex Salvation Army Homeless Shelter that is no longer fit for homeless people to live in, to keep costs as low as possible at 700/month) and I must pay for my travel to and from school, which sometimes is 80+ hours/week, 6 days a week (and just under 100/month). I am very much suffering from a physical and mental deterioration with the PTSD returning, as I get less and less fit and capable to meet the needs of the course, and I know that getting back to training 5-6 days a week is the answer to so many of the problems that I am experiencing now.

If I were to win the lottery tomorrow the first thing I would do would be to pay for an F45 subscription, however with less than 200/month to pay for all my other expenses, and despite working every day I am not as school, usually means that I will go months without a day of rest, so this is just not feasible. I am therefore taking a very uncomfortable position for me in asking (actually… begging!) for someone to help me for the scholastic year of September to end of July? (at which point I hope to be able to be employed and earning and so able to pay for my own subscription) . I have reached out directly to F45 who have said that as part of their business model they are unable to help me, or even give me a reduced rate so I have to try other options rather than just give up.

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