Help me to support children on streets of Kolkata

by Maria Van Kleef in Rosemundy, England, United Kingdom

Help me to support children on streets of Kolkata
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To raise the sponsorship money to enable me to volunteer in Kolcuta for 3 months and help children on the streets

by Maria Van Kleef in Rosemundy, England, United Kingdom

Certificate in Education completed

( Special Education needs and disabilities).

I have spent most of my work life supporting 

those in need and having travelled to India last November my interest in Volunteering was ignited . I have decided to commit 3 months to Children in India who live in abject poverty and in danger constantly whilst living in slum conditions.

The Hope Foundation have provided me with this opportunity to try and make a small difference and put my degree in special Education needs to use in Kolkata for 3 months, with the children who live on the streets.

Please support me with your love and financial sponsorship enabling me to continue my vocation working with those in need.

For Rita and Gaya beloved embodiments of The Divine.

Let's make 'Help me to support children on streets of Kolkata' happen