Help my family to be reunited

by Brice12 in London

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Help my family to be reunited. We lost everything and now stuck hundreds of miles apart.

by Brice12 in London

Help my family to be reunited. 


After my distribution agency was taken away from me we lost everything, our dogs, our house, our  furniture, our car.  I came to the UK 6 months ago to support my pregnant wife and six year old son back in South Africa. The goal was to set up in the UK and after 5 months move the family over.   Things didn’t go as planned and my wife has since given birth to our daughter and  we are stuck thousands of miles part.
The Story:
I managed to borrow some money for a flight to the UK and the day after arriving started a job landscaping. Coming from a professional background it was a real eye opener moving into a labour intense job however I knew that I needed to do it in order to support my family back home. The plan was to support my family on landscaping job during the day and work on a new fitness business, '' with a personal trainer friend who was already living in the UK. Three months into the project he got up and left me despite all the effort I had put in to the business and the situtation I was in. Now I am back to the landscaping job during the day and desperately trying to make the fitness business work so I can bring my family over however it is proving difficult in a city I dont know.  I have already been in the UK for the last six months. I have a few ideas in motion however I don’t see any of them allowing me to see my family in less then a year from now.  My daughter is only a couple weeks old and my son is Six. It’s a very important time in both of their lives and I feel hopeless that I cant be there for them.  I am stuck in a situation where I cant go back and support them financially  and I don’t have enough money to bring them to the UK. 
Our problem:
The issue I have is that I am earning just enough money to support my family back home however unable to save any money to bring them over. I wont have a place to stay in the next 3 weeks as I cant afford to support my family and pay for rent here. With a new born baby and a six year old kid its almost impossible for my wife to start a job in South Africa without having to send the kids to daycare or child minders. The issue with this is that she will earn less in her job then what she has to pay for child minding therefore not being able to contribute to any savings to bring them over to the UK. Its all on me and despite my 14 hour days Monday to Sunday I am still unable to save any money towards getting them over and renting a small place. If I had to go back home, I would not be able to support my family financially so I am stuck here in UK. 
The Pledge:
If we just had that initial funds to get my family over and set up a place to live then my current salary would allow for us to live a basic life in the UK while I build myself up again over the next year. 
I am looking for any contribution. We will use the funds for Flights to bring them over and set up costs when they are here. 
What I can offer:
I believe in-exchange so I don’t expect any one to give money for nothing in return. 
My field of expertise is marketing and brand development. I can design websites,  adverts, make marketing campaigns, Facebook pages, do brand collaborations or advertising consultancy in yours or any of your friends or family’s business’s. 
I was previously working for a global brand so my experience in the industry is great. 
You maybe be wondering why I don’t just get out there and look for job. I am doing exactly that  however non will provide the finances to continue to supporting my family in South Africa and assist in getting them over in under a year. 
If you don’t require my assistance with marketing or advertising but you would like to contribute, we really apprecaite it. 
We really apprecaite your help and allowing my family to be reunited at such an important time in both my son and daughters lives. 


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