For treatment

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Friends, for 4 years now I've been struggling with a disease under the terrible name SYNOVIAL SARCOM, a rare type of cancer, 2% of all 100 oncological diseases.
Unfortunately, in Russia, the treatment of rare types of oncology is poorly studied and ineffective. 

Due to incorrect diagnosis, a lot of time was lost, and it significantly aggravated the condition and stage.

After the diagnosis, Russian experts differed in opinions, someone offered to treat everything at once, someone spread out their hands without knowing what to do.

So my world collapsed ... The world in which you try not to think about it at all, or theoretically understand that this can happen to you, but not now, not so early. A world, full of opportunities, in which you have "whole" wings and you fly in any desired direction. A world in which there are no restrictions, except those that you create by yourself.

For almost 4 years I have to undergo treatment in Israel, where the chances for victory are much higher than in my native country.
With the help of friends, we managed to find a narrow-profile specialist - professor Ofer Mirimsky, who successfully conducts the medical protocol during this time.
And although long-term and difficult treatment is behind: chemotherapy, radiotherapy, high-dose stereotactic SBRT exposure, targeted drug treatment, thanks to his correct strategy, it was possible to stop the disease for a long time.

I was close to victory, but in February 2017 routine diagnostics showed that the disease began to progress, out of control.

It is necessary to correct the Protocol of treatment with the replacement of the drug and a number of expensive procedures.

During this long period, all the family's money went to the treatment. I am very grateful to God for all those who have been around and helped throughout this long period - friends, colleagues, acquaintances and all those who were just not indifferent. But all our resources are exhausted and I have to ask for help from you.

This is a long battle, but I fight and will continue to fight, because I want to win my right to life and happiness of my family! I really want to live and enjoy every moment of life.

I would really appreciate financial support, because it gives hope. And hope works wonders!

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