Help me to become the first woman MP for Easington

by susan-mcdonnell in Easington, England, United Kingdom

Help me to become the first woman MP for Easington
We did it
On 4th June 2017 we successfully raised £70 with 4 supporters in 21 days

Demanding more for the people of the Easington Constituency from a candidate who won't be told what to say or how to vote. A voice for US!

by susan-mcdonnell in Easington, England, United Kingdom

Demanding more for the people of the Easington Constituency from a candidate who won't be told what to say or how to vote by their political party.  A voice for US!

The constituency of Easington is one of the poorest in the country and it really doesn't matter which political party is in power, nothing EVER changes - in fact, I'd argue it's getting worse.

For 100 years it's been a traditional Labour heartland where people are constantly reminded that they need to vote Labour because they are the only party who will stand up for the working class people and that they work for YOU. 

Look around you and what do you see.  Years of neglect.

Even when Labour were in power between 1997and 2010 it didn't make a bit of difference to this area - it's as though we've been left to rot.

Up to now, Easington has been represented by one man in a suit. Election after election, year after year, decade after decade - when will it change?

People tell me "I don't vote because it changes nothing", well guess what, it NEVER will unless you go out and vote!

I'm asking people to not only go out and vote, I'm asking people to vote for me but I need help from you.

The deposit to stand for election is £500 alone and although that will include the postage costs for every household in the constituency to get one of my leaflets, it doesn't buy the leaflets - over 40,000 of them!!

We are a small relatively new party, set up three years ago but that doesn't mean we haven't made political progress.

Peterlee is the largest town in the constituency and was a labour led parish council for over 40 years. Today however, of it's 22 member council, 20 are North East Party members and of the 5 county council seats, we have 3 of those too. Proof, if ever it were needed that things CAN change you just need to make it happen.

If can spare a pound or two for my campaign, you could be playing a part  in making political history for the Constituency of Easington.  And if you haven't got the cash to spare, please consider sharing this with someone who might.

If you're still reading this,I'd like to think you will want to know more about The North East Party, so please visit our website and take a look at our manifesto or visit our facebook page. 

Thanks very much.

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