Sponsor a child to get him/her into school

Sponsor a child to get him/her into school

 The project is located in Arusha, Tanzania where I am currently volunteering.

We did it!

On 3rd Dec 2015 we successfully raised £435 with 12 supporters in 28 days

Nasra is 5 and a half. She lives with her grandmother. Her father runaway when Nasra was only a baby. Her mother has special needs and she cannot look after her. Nasra's grandmother is ill, not educated and cannot get a job. They have no money and cannot afford food or a house to live in so they share a small room with another two families.

Nance is 5. She lives with her mother and her two little brothers. Her father is an alcoholic and is never home. Whenever he is home he is usually drunk. Nance and her mum are beaten regularly by him. He does not work and does not allow Nance's mother to do so. They cannot afford food so they usually beg for some money to buy it. 

Nasra and Nance used to go to school but cannot afford the fees anymore. They usually spend their days in the street trying to avoid the unstable and unsafe environment in which they live.

There are many children in similar situation to Nance's and Nasra's some of whom are orphans or victims of domestic violence or illnesses such as AIDS. Without your help their future is quite dark.

No children should be hungry wondering in the streets.

Help us  help Nance, Nasras and other kids go to school and support their families to avoid the need of begging and wondering the streets. 

All the money collected will be carefully used to pay school fees and material and support their family economy to provide a stable an safe environment for these children to grow.

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