Help me stay at university.......please?!

Help me stay at university.......please?!

To complete my BSc

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I'm in the middle of studying a BSc in Real Estate Management which was previously sponsored through my employer. However, due to a recent merger, my company have announced that they will no longer sponsor my course 100%. They are offering 50% but unless I can secure the other 50% I won't be able to continue.

I do the course on a distance basis and have worked really hard to get this far while juggling work, family and life in general. There have been times when I've been sat in the office until 11pm studying which shows that I am 100% committed so to suddenly face having to stop half way through is devestating to say the least!

So, I'm hoping there are some lovely people out there who appreciate the hard work and determination it takes to get this far and will help me to see it through to the end..........please?